Thursday, 13 August 2009

Experiment - Fuller Lip

I thought I would try out a little experiment today, using the common tricks you come across for getting a fuller lip. I took a photo with just the lipstick straight on, used plainly I suppose. Then wiped it off and tried some fuller lips techniques. A highlighter across the cupids bow, liner on the outer corners and a medium brown shadow blended along the centre of the bottom lip line. Took some more photos so I could compare them side by side. I'm pleasantly surprised. The lipstick colour does look so different as well. Think I might try this with a deep colour soon just to get an idea of how much these tricks work.

So before -

After -

And 2 more before and after -



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  2. Thats cool. You can really see the difference. I am never entirely sure how to use the highlighter. I like your blog- you have great skin. I'm trying to fix my skin (and blogging about it)

    I look forward to reading your next posts!


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