Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wipe it all off....

I love my make up, love it so much that there is hardly a day that I go without. Taking it off on the other hand is not as much fun. Especially with waterproof mascara. I tend to get watery eyes when it's windy, and it's always windy here, so waterproof mascara is a must for me.

I have found two things that actually get rid of this stuff with little fuss and thankfully little cost.

Firstly, Cherish face wipes. They are for mature skin and that is probably why they are so packed full of goodies that seem to take all the make up off. Other face wipes just feel so dry compared to these. Plus they are super cheap. Just 99p at Semi-Chem in the UK.

Secondly there is the great Oil and Rosewater mix that Oxford Jasmine has suggested on her YT channel. Brilliant stuff. I tend to try and use this most days as it really gets rid of every last bit of MU. However when it's late at night and you really can't be bothered the wipes are super handy.

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