Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lights, Camera, Inspiration

I love movies. Hopelessly addicted to the big screen. I adore sitting down to watch a film, the lights dimming and suddenly you are pulled into a story. I’ll admit going to the cinema these days is a little less enjoyable. People don’t seem to be able to understand I didn’t pay money to see them playing with their mobile phones or to listen to them talking to their mates. If people want to sit and catch up with their friends I do wish they would chose not to do that in the cinema. It may be getting older but I’m finding it much easier to tell people to shut the hell up nowadays. I used to just mutter under my breath.

(Sorry this goes into a little rant)

That aside I will pretty much go and see any type of film. Although slasher horror movies are not my cup of tea really. I’m usually on the madman killers side, you never care about the dumb ass characters. My favourite who really cares movie was Hostel. Three backpackers head to a Slovakian city in the middle of nowhere as they are told hot women live there that will sleep with them. Obviously I’m loving them already. The best part about this, for me, is that they start off in Amsterdam! Because obviously there is no hot women there, especially not ones that are attracted to men. No fun to be had there at all. Best go to the arse end of nowhere for some. Really? The kids shows they put on in the afternoons are far scarier. But hey, whatever blows your hair back.

Any way the whole put of this blog was to talk about movies inspiring make up! Tee hee Gone off topic a bit there. When I think of films of recent years that made me want to get the MU brushes out the two that spring to mind are Chicago and Moulin Rouge. Fifth element sticks in my mind too. I mean the whole look of these made me WOW! So I was curious what movies inspired you? Is there a favourite that comes to mind? Some silver screen Goddess you wanted to copy?

Let me know what you love.

Take care



  1. I totally agree with you!! (On pretty much everything haha)

    I absolutely *love* Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge...She's like my redhead idol. When I was young and everyone was tanning, I would look at her and be like "Well she's f*ing gorgeous and she's pale as a ghost!"

    Fifth Element is awesome too! I had my hair orange for a while like that and my husband kept telling me to shave off my eyebrows :D

  2. I go to the movies atleast once per week, it's a must! im not a fan of the horrors tho! Recently, I really loved Zooey desanchel in 500 days of summer - her whole look was so vintage and she looked amazing. x

  3. @Lisa Kate - Well my Scottish skin is always going to be pale, I just have to accept it. I false tan up every now and then when I'm feeling too ghostly. Milla looks wicked in that movie, she rocks.

    @MissAshley_Beauty - I love her. Have you seen Yes Man? She's brilliant and it's very funny. She has a very kooky vintage look that is totally her own which I love.



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