Sunday, 27 September 2009

A Lippy by any other name.....

Ok, so I feel like I am constantly going on about being poor right now. Soz folks, I do apologise for this I don‘t mean to be a moan. I will be a happy chipper bunny from now on. Positive thinking all the way.
As I am quite new to Blogger I keep finding all these wonderful blogs as I search around. With that comes rave reviews and therefore wonderful products I want to get my mitts on. It’s frustrating not being able to go out and get all these fantastic things that you ladies recommend. I have a wish list the length of my arm for things I want to try out. If I put them all on my blogs I think the internet would crash!
Now with all that said I have found that there is a benefit of not being able to get new products into my make up bag. I’ve started using what’s in there! Tee hee. Lipsticks especially seem to have been completely under used. I do tend to go more for a dramatic eye so have gotten into a rut of just slipping on a pale/neutral lip. For me I either seem to chose that light colour and once every now and then go for a dark. Now as I said before in a previous post I’m never going to do the MAC black lip that’s coming out as I would just look daft so a deep colour is as close as I’m going to go. Plus I know a berry lips is trendtastic this coming season. What better time to paint on a “new” old dark lip. This is an old Boots 17 colour I found in a bunch of lipsticks. I have no idea when I got it and if they even make the colour any more (the website certainly didn’t have it). I also have it on in the hair cut photos. I quite like it and got a few compliments while wearing it too which can’t be bad.

So my questions to you folks are -
Do you have any cheap and cheerful beauty tips for me?

Have you rediscovered a product recently?

And, What are your most lusted after products at the moment? I believe the term is “lemming” if I am to keep up with the young ones!
Hope you guys have had a great weekend.

Take care


  1. That is a great colour on you!

    I like to 'shop my stash' whenever I can. It's great to find old favorites or rediscover products you haven't used in a while.

    My most lusted items to date -- too many to list. Haha. I am not a fan of the word 'lemming.' LOL.

  2. "Shop my stash". Love that phrase. It's so true though. I really have looked at my products in a new way, see if I can make things work for me that didn't before.

    Yep my list is way too long too. Santa may get a long list this year!

    I'm not a fan of the 'lemming' either. I'm lemming it, just sounds way too odd for me. Covet is my word of choice and BOY do I covet!


  3. LOVE the lippy on you!

    I completely agree with Michelle! This is totally dorky and wow-you-can-tell-I'm-going-to-be-a-teacher-y, but I started making an Excel spreadsheet with all my makeup :D Since I'm a mineral makeup addict, I have TONS of samples and I rarely even use those up! So now, I've been "shopping" my Excel wb and it's fun :D

    Wow...what do I covet most? Probably blushes... all blushes... I wasn't "into" them for SO long (really! I only started wearing blush a year ago!) that I have very few!

  4. Aww thanks hun,

    Wow, I love that idea. I am kinda toying with the idea of photographing swatches of lippy, eyeshadow and blushes and having them on the pc so I have a quick reference guide. My own make up colour wheel guide! Tee hee Obsessed? Me? Surely not.

    I don't have many blushes. I tend to stick to the same one as I adore it but perhaps it's time to try someone new (or old and hidden in a drawer).



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