Friday, 25 September 2009

Man, I feel like a haircut!

So I finally got my hair cut today. I'd be putting it off for as long as possible due to the lack of funds situation but I could hold off no longer. Instead of going to my regular hairdresser I had to go for a slightly cheaper option. Still not cheap as chips but not the usual £100+ I spend getting it cut and dyed. I had home dyed it (see previous post) so it was just a shaping up and trim I wanted. I still want to grow my hair really long, it’s a decent length now but I want it uber long. It's amazing how getting your hair done can make you feel so much better. I swear I walk taller once I’m out the door. To look at it it’s not all that different, as you can see, it sure does feel it though. It’s lighter and no more dry ends! Plus there are a good few more layers in it giving it some shape. Bottom line, I’m happy with it. I guess I was a bit scared to go somewhere new. I love my hairdresser and don’t like going elsewhere. When I was a teenagers one of my very first trips to the hairdresser was a disaster. My cousin was a hairdresser so she used to cut it for me so I wasn’t used to having to go into a salon. I was young and a little timid of all the shiny mirrors and styled people. I took a photo of a cut I loved. It’s hard to describe but was cut to the chin at the front and shorter at the back. Kinda graduated bob kinda not. Any way, long story short I came out with hair cut to ABOVE my eyebrows. Now I have a round face so this short crop was horrific. I felt like a man with it. As soon as I got out of the doors I burst out carrying (I was 16). I was too young and too intimidated to scream my head off at the person who attacked my hair. So now when I find a stylist I love I stick with them. However the new guy today was friendly and did exactly what I asked. Result!

So want hair nightmares have you gone through?

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