Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Photo from My Life

One thing I love when I read blogs is the little personal touches people put in. It’s not just about the cosmetics love and banter, the reviews and swatches. Whether it be photos of family and friends or a beloved pet. A fancy background design or perhaps just a list of their favourite movies. I like the little window into peoples lives and feeling that I get to know them better through these as well as their writing. With this being the world wide web and all I know everyone has to be very careful in what they say and what they post. Not to give too much away about who they are and what they do. It can be a scary place. Also on top of this people can be so mean. Especially on places like Youtube. Seeing some of the posts that my favourite gurus get can hack me off. Although I want to shout at these dumb asses I don’t respond to these idiots as I know it’s never wise to feed the trolls. It just annoys me that they have nothing better to do and that they are spoiling something I enjoy.

Any way that aside, when blog reading, for me it’s nice to come across a funny picture or something cute that makes me smile.

Therefore I thought I would post a photo of mine that always makes me smile. In fact I think I will post a picture every now and then under the title “A Photo from My Life”. I’ll put an image up with perhaps a little explanation of what it is and why it makes me laugh or it could be just something daft.

Ideally I would like to start a Tag, but I’ve never done that before so not sure how it will take off. I’ll ask anyway, if it doesn’t work, what the hell.
- EDIT consider this a TAG for anyone reading or following!

So I ask you, if you are still reading, to post an photo from your life. Something that is perhaps special to you, makes you laugh or for any reason what so ever, you decide. So post it under the title “A Photo from My Life”. Let me know in the comments that you’ve done this so I can go view. Thanks.

So here is mine. This was taken on holiday when I was tiny wee as you can see. It’s me, my dad and my brother. Now it is a shame that my mum is not in the picture but as she was the one taking it I still feel that she IS in it. I love the early eighties clothes, the cheeky face brothers my big brother is pulling and the fact that my glasses are on squint! I am lucky enough to say that I had a happy childhood with a strong family life. Our holidays were always until Britain until I was about eleven or twelve, my parents just couldn't afford to go abroad. Scarborough, Blackpool and Great Yarmouth were the places we headed. Caravan parks, ice cream and donkey rides! You can see the old school curved edges on it! I love it.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to all the lovely people following me and to anyone that has left me comments. Thanks for the warm welcome into this blogging world. You rock.


  1. I always enjoy reading/ seeing a little more from everyone too, but you're right, you have to be careful. I love that picture, your Dad looks so serious and you and your brother look like you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I have to say I'm a sucker for cute kitten/puppy photos!
    My dad is actually just about to laugh which is another reason why I love it (the photo is scanned it so not so clear).


  3. What an adorable picture!!! You glasses are so cute :D

    I'm pretty sick of all the negativity in our blogoverse lately. I mean, it seems to be the SAME people over and over. I try not to let it creep into my blog!

    I always love posting little pics of my family and pets. Gus got 2 posts devoted to him last week!

  4. Oh my god very cute post. I'm a sucker for bunnies, so my hubby sends me random pictures of bunnies once in a while to brighten my day at work. I do think this is a great tag, so please tag your followers! I'd love for this to become a viral tag so we can all get to know one another a little better. :-)

  5. Have edited to say 'consider it a Tag'. So please anyone reading or following show us your snaps.

    I adore bunnies, I used to have a house bunny when I was at Uni. If I had a garden I would have loads of them. That's such a sweet thing for your hubby to do.


  6. Aw that's so sweet! Just look at those sunglasses! You look adorable! I love old family snaps! Thanks for sharing.

    I will definitely do this Tag, I think its a really fun way of getting to know each other better! :) x

  7. awww thats the sweetest! Im going to do this tag also.. x

  8. Aww thanks guys. Will keep an eye out for your snaps!



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