Thursday, 10 September 2009

Playing around, interview nails and silly me

I played with a few colours the other day. Trying to use up my 120 palette in any way possible. I honestly don't know if I like it. I think I'm perhaps a wee bit too pale to pull it off. Would have to do this look once I tanned up a bit I think. Still think the quality is too poor for me to use properly though. I think I could try stuff out with it and then go buy dupe colours.

I'm currently job hunting at the moment, and with the way things are you can imagine how much fun that is. Any way with interviews to be done walking in with hot pink nails is prehaps not the way to go. I have a couple of No7 colours that I really like but never really use as they seem to chip and wear off within a day on me. A friend posted a tip she read about, basically it's a lot of layers of nail polishes but I thought I would give it a bash. I did alter it though. So I did one layer of base coat, two of colour, one of top coat, then the following day another layer of colour and top coat. It seems strange as you aren't supposed to put colour on top of a top coat. However so far it's done the business. Added the final stage on Tuesday and all is shiny and well still. The colour above is Iced Mocha if anyone is interested.
Oh and for some reason I keep thinking today is Wednesday. So much so that I missed Pixiwoo's BlogTV. Will watch the recordings though.

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