Wednesday, 16 September 2009

TAG - Life Overhaul - Outs and Ins

Computergirl’s tag - Life Overhaul - Outs and Ins

This is more blogging than MU related.

Starting with the Outs to get rid of them asap.


Worrying about being unemployed. I’m currently not working and hating it. It’s the first time I have not had a job since I was 13. What with the financial state the world is in jobs are not hard to come by and I’ve been worrying silly over it. I need to chill out and keep positive.

Buying the next big thing. It has to be said that there is one benefit to the lack of funds situation. I’ve had to stop buying things as soon as I want them. I simply can’t afford it anymore. Not that I think it’s bad to treat yourself to what you want. After all, when I was working, I was working hard for my pay and should buy myself lovely things now and then. My point is, now that I have to wait it out to purchase, it means I no longer purchase on a whim. Get suckered by fancy packaging or gimmicky sales. Even when I do have cash in my pocket again I will now wait it out to see if I actually really want something or if it’s a passing fancy.

Eating badly and not exercising. Not working means I’m seeing the same four walls a lot. Energy is a bit low as is will power. Sometimes I’m eating rubbish, sometimes I’m forgetting to eat. I need a plan of action and to get myself into gear.

Worrying in general. I worry way too much about everything. The amount of sleepless nights I have had stressing about things that have never happened. It’s just silly. I need to stop and have a more Sod It attitude.


Being more organised at home. Neat and tidy is the way to go. It’s funny as when I work I have everything in it’s place but at home I keep a whole bunch of stuff I don’t need.

Focusing on positive things and being thankful for what I have.

Be creative. It’s been a while since I did any proper painting or writing. I keep starting things and putting them down. I think I need to start small and build up to get me back into the swing of things.

Cooking! I forgot how much I love to cook. Have made some cracking meals recently and a chocolate mousse which was just all kinds of yummy, thank you Nigella Lawson (although this may have to be made less to fit in with the Out above). In fact I’m off to make something to munch on now.

So if you have got this far in reading consider yourself tagged and do your own. Post a link to your Outs and Ins or just pop them right here in the comments so I can read them too.
Have a great day folks.



  1. Ah, some good ones there! I know how you feel about the job situation. Just keep positive and set yourself little goals for each day. Even if it is just to tidy one drawer up or something.

    It sounds like you are being quite resourceful- which is a good thing, and fun to see how much you can do without! I hope things improve for you shortly- have you looked a volunteer stuff? I know its a bit of an opposite step, but I know loads of people who give an hour to take somone shopping/read to a blind person/help organise books in a charity shop/walk dogs at teh local dog santuary and it helps them get out the house for an hour and meet people- and helps them remain positive and cheerful. It doens tsuit everyone, but just thought i'd mention it. And cooking- I wish I had more time to cook!

    Thanks for doing the tag, I hope things pick up for you soon. :)x

  2. Aw, sorry to hear about the job situation. I hope things turn around well for you there!


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