Friday, 9 October 2009

2 True Lippy Review ......poet and I don't know it! Tee hee

I have passed the small “2 True” stand in Superdrug a dozen times and never really gave it much attention. Partially due to the fact that it’s normally in quite a mess, half stocked and unlabeled and partially due to me not really knowing anything about the brand. I haven’t heard people talking about it or read any reviews. The lack of chatter about something wouldn’t normally put me off trying something new but right now I can’t afford to waste cash on crappity products. I tend to think of it this way, why waste £5 when you can put £5 toward something you really want and that you know works. Any way, after seeing Lily Loves Lola’s Bargain Lipstick Alert blog (Link at the bottom, if anyone can tell me how to hotlink I would be very grateful) I decided to give it a bash. It always helps when someone else gives it the seal of approval. Let’s face it at £1.91 for a lipstick who wouldn’t be tempted? If I had known they were that cheap I probably would have caved earlier.

Onto the lippy itself. Firstly the packaging, plain, simple and non cheap looking, bonus. My pet hate with any cheap brand, make up or other wise, is when they try to “jazz it up” and make it look more expensive. This normally ends up with it being overly perfumed and/or tacky looking. The colour itself doesn’t have a name, they are just numbered. This is number 4. As you can see it’s a mid bubble gum pink and I’m in love with it. Pink is not a lip colour I would normally reach for but as I am trying to shake things up a bit it seemed the right thing to go for.

On the subject of bright bold pink lips. I did buy Barry M’s “Touch of Magic” Lip Paint a while back. The website describes it as “A waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go”. So it looks green but when you apply it turns pink. Nice idea, possibly just a bit gimmicky, I’m not keen. Yes it looked ok when I first put it on but it soaked into every line of my lips and went darker towards the inside on my lip. I dread to think what would happen if you had dry lips. It didn’t wear off well either and when I tried to put another coat on top it looked awful. I would have to wipe it all off and then reapply it. Pain in the butt really. So that is sitting unused. I have tried mixing it with other nude colours but once again it’s all just turning into way too much bother. Has anyone else tried this stuff?

Any way back to the 2 True. Not only do I like the colour but it also has little flecks of silvery pink glitter running through it. It’s quite a dry formula, I actually forgot I had it on at one point, and lasted for ages. I had coffee and toast for breakfast, no need to reapply. A baked potato for lunch and even though I did top it up after that I was happily surprised at how much colour was left. I have far more expensive lipsticks that don’t have that staying power. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a cheap lipstick that still offers quality as well as a low price. I think I might pick up a couple more colours next time I pass their stand.

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  1. The 2True lip glosses are really good too! And not hard on the bank haha. I have full reviews with swatches on my blog if you wanna check it out :D

    Love, Vee :)


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