Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Autumn Love

I love Autumn. Not so much for the weather, especially in Scotland, it’s unpredictable. More for the colours that appear everywhere. The trees start to turn and the streets fill with crunchy leaves. It’s cool outside but not so freezing that you can’t feel your toes and coming into the warmth of home feels great. Comforting hearty food, Halloween and the build up to Christmas. This year is extra special as I have a nephew on the way, he should make his appearance around Santa time. Quite a gift.

Took a couple of snaps the other day of nowhere in particular I just liked the colours.

Will perhaps try an Autumn themed eye look tomorrow. Also bought a brown nail polish the other day, which I will post about tomorrow, that seems to fit with the seasonal colours.

What’s your favourite part of this time of year?


  1. I likes Autumn too, missus. Crunchy leaves especially. Some excellent pictures there. You should enter the last one in the SO photo comp. It's beautiful.

    And with teh slap - turn yourself into a leaf like that deodorant advert. ;)

  2. Autumn crunchy leaves are lots of fun. I prefer blue skied days to the rainy ones (like today- it is freezing!!)

    The red leaves are really pretty though. Although Spring/summer time is great when the weather gets good and you realise you have a whole summer!

    I do have to be careful with my lipbalms and moistuirsers int he winter though. Dry skin is not fun.!

  3. I love autumn for thye blue skies and sunny days where they arent so cold that you need to bundle yourself up like an eskimo. I read on Magpie Sparkles yesterday that you can wear a coat and boots and sunglasses and I am totally down with that!

    What I am NOT down with is Zoe being in the dance off at the weekend. What is all that about??

  4. @ Sefibourg - Would love to do that but it's not a sunset ;( Took it on the way to meet you peeps on Saturday. x

    @ Computergirl - Yep I'm talking those blues sky days that are not too cold. Dry skin aint fun I agree. I'm addicted to E45 cream at the mo!

    @ Helen - YES! Coat, Boots, Scarf, Funky Gloves and Sunglasses! I love it. ;) What a great way to think about it.

    Couldn't agree more about Zoe. Total shock. Although in a way I am glad that a good dancer was put against Joe as it was time for him to leave. At least that way the judges wouldn't save him!


  5. I love Autumn and winter. They are my faveourite seasons. I love getting wrapped up snug and taking the kids for a nice walk around the park. I really love all the colours of the trees and the fallen leaves on the ground!

    I also love Halloween. Carving the pumpkin and dressing the kids up, then of course after bonfire night it is the run up to christmas! Love it!

    I thought my daughter would be born on halloween but she popped out at 8:50 pm on the 30th instead! It's great though because she will love that time of year when she's a bit older having her birthday and then Halloween the day after! :) x


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