Thursday, 22 October 2009

Blog Awards - My Version, any takers?

I was over the moon to find out that I had been nominated for another two blog awards, twice! How sweet is that! The fantastic Louise at Lou Lou Land had nominated me as well as the lovely Nikki and Visual Aspect '87. It really means so much. To feel that not only are people taking time out of their busy lives to read my page but that some even take the time out to send me something like this. I have to say that I have found the make up community on the blog sphere to be welcoming, friendly and warm. In short you folk ROCK! The internet can be a wonderful place at times. Here are the awards.

So pretty! With these Awards I have to;
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award (done)
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog. (done)
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award (click on the links peeps)
4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself (See below)
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers (click the links to a fun read)
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate. (see below)
I was lucky enough to recently be given these awards by the lovely Computergirl so I will slightly adjust what I am supposed to do. Part of structure of the awards is to write 7 things that people might find interesting about yourself. This part I will leave out and replace with something else. If you do want to see 7 facts about myself (be warned they are a bit silly) please see my previous blog here.

So here is my filler instead of facts.

The "Awards" thing got me thinking. When I first got the them I found it really difficult to pick only 7 people to nominate. I read quite a few beauty blogs and love them all. I wouldn’t follow or read them otherwise. I also wanted to make sure that I tried to pick people that hadn’t already been nominated. However I also still wanted to tell the already nominated folks that I appreciated the work they put into their page.

So with that in mind I thought I would start my own “ Award” but with a different sort of structure. I want to be able to give a "shout out" to blogs that I adore but on a more regular basis. I’m thinking probably monthly but I’m not going to put any firm rules on it. I may post more. I just want to be able to say thanks whenever I feel like it. Also I want to be able to give an award without having to wait until I am sent one. I wanna share the love people, tee hee. Can't post my first tonight as I will need a little time to make a funky image to go with it. I’m going to call it the “Pin Up Pout” award, tee hee. I'm lipstick mad at the moment and adore the pin up look so it seems fitting and a little tongue in cheek too. Unlike other awards you wouldn’t have to receive this to pass it on. If you fancy passing on a thanks to a fellow blogger feel free to copy the “Award” (once I’ve made it) and post it on your blog giving it to someone. A virtual high five! hahaha Also today I hit 50 followers so this seems even more fitting! Thanks guys, seriously a HUGE thank you to you all.

So what do you guys think? Would it be something you would like to be sent or fancy doing?
Here are the 7 beauty blogs I nominate for the above, they may have these already but I wanted to send them -
1. My first is the fab Victoria over at Lily Loves Lola, great product reviews and cute puppies!
2. I know she already has this award but I have to say Computergirl, she was one of my first blogger friends and is so lovely. Go read her stuff now!
3. To Jo at All things beautiful, I know she has these too but I wanted to send them any way. Hopefully this will also encourage her to do a FOTD too.
4. I know loads of people will already know about Vintageortacky but I love the bright colours and her YT channel. Great place for some inspiration.
5. Lauren Loves what a brilliant read. Freelance music and beauty writer with fab interviews, it really is like picking up a virtual magazine.
6. Once again a lot of you peeps will already know about the fabulous Sarah at I Heart Cosmetics but I simply had to send her these too. Fab reviews, this girl has added quite a bit of product to my wish list. I want those Zoya polishes!
7. Last but by no means least we have Clearly Beautiful. Such a lovely girl, quite a new blogger like myself, I love that she focuses on good skin as well as good make up. Her post on Style Icons really made me think about how inner and outer beauty is important in the women we praise.
Sorry for the MASSIVE post. Thanks for sticking with me if you read the whole way through!


  1. OMG you are such a sweetheart xxx I am ill at the mo and aunt flo is here doing my head in so I am very emotional, I almost cried! Thank you so much. Right I am off to find the tissues!

  2. Aww hun *hugs* hope you are feeling better soon! A blanky and some soup is needed me thinks.

  3. Awwww hun I nearly cried too! haha. I just got these again off Nikki, and now off you! I must be doing something right... for once hehe.

    Thank you so much darlin... appreciated so much. Love being thought about. xxxxxx

  4. Eliza is the Empress of Slap. Yay you!

    *Sue White Dance*

  5. Aww thanks so much for the award Eliza. Only just spotted it. I'll definitely post it on my blog soon.
    Thanks for your kind words, it means a lot.
    Thanks again. Hope you're having a good week xx

  6. Glad you like it guys! Love reading your pages.

    And thanks Sefi-kins. Say it with me "A Hanndddbbbaaaaaggggggggg!"


  7. Hey Eliza, thanks so much for the award! It's my first, and I'm on cloud 9 all day! I'll post it up very soon. I'm so happy you liked the Style Icons post. Also I like your idea on a monthly shout out, I think I may implement that. Gives me a chance to make funky seasonal images. Thanks a bunch again, you're a doll! xoxo.

  8. Hey, Thanks for the awards :D That is super sweet. It is great when real people like your blog :D I absolutely think that this is a great idea. You could even do a 'sidebar' link which you could edit each month/update. Cant wait to see the graphics! Pin up Pout has me thinking of a 1950's girl! Perhaps because I watched this last night

    Thanks for the award. Its pretty cool that we started writing about the same time and found each other as newbies!
    Have a great Friday night hun x *hug*

  9. @ Clearly Beautiful - looking forward to seeing your post hun, glad you liked it.

    @ Computergirl - I finished the graphic and you are right 1950's all the way. I love that Tat that Kat did. Funnily enough I watched this a couple of months ago. I loved what she did with the image.



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