Thursday, 15 October 2009

Clinique Clarifying Lotion - Try Out Update and Small Review

I thought I would do a little update on the Clinique Clarifying Lotion I have been using. The little freebie bottle I have is almost half way finished so it seems like the right time. I like to think of it as half full of course ;)

I started using it around the 20th of last month and so far I’m keen. It’s not a massive wonder product but then again I am lucky enough to have ok skin. I have the occasional dry patch and the odd spot from time to time but nothing major. I drink a shed load of water every day. This is never a chore as I love water. Years back I wasn’t so water keen and always had small dry patches on my elbows. I tried every cream on the planet but they wouldn’t go. Once I started on the H2O they went within a week. There really is no substitute for the stuff. Any way I go off topic.

Before using the lotion I tended to do an aspirin mask every other week however since using this stuff I haven’t felt the need. My skin never feels clogged up or in need of a good scrub. Every night, once I have removed my make up and given my face a wash, I give my skin I swipe with a cotton pad splashed with this stuff. A tiny splash is really all it takes and believe me you can feel it working. The stingy feeling lets you know it’s doing something. Not to get to disgusting on you but this removes dirt big style. I’m surprised that after using face wipes and washing my face that there is still rubbish there to shift but there is. So overall I’m happy, my skin feels super clean. I still have the odd dry bit and the odd spot but I didn’t expect in to work miracles. Once I have the pennies I think I will get myself a full size bottle.

Do you have any favourite skin care products at the mo?


  1. I love water too, alhough I'm no good at drinking lots of it- unless I am avoiding working!!

    I really notice that I get dry lips and skin though if I havent drunk enough.

    I like Clinique's 3 step items. I always notice my skin looking more healthier and softer. I quite like the fact they tailor them to different skin sorts. I have an update to do shortly on my skin project as I have been using their blemish 3 step kit.

  2. Great post! I have started drinking a lot of water recently and I really notice the difference when I don't drink it!
    Im loving this review, once I am done with all of my cleansers I will probably go for this as I have read so many good things about the 3 step system!
    I love cleansing oils at the moment though, might not break from that any time soon! :P


  3. I love water too, its the best beauty tip ever. I'm drafting up a post about it right now lol.

    I did try a small bottle of the Clinique, but I gotta say I love the Olay refreshing toner with witch hazel. I've gotten through 1/2 the bottle and the scent and performance is amazing.

  4. Looking forward to reading it sweetie.

    I've never tried many Olay products. Will have to check it out.


  5. I love drinking water, it really makes a difference to your skin.

    I use this occasionally and I love how it gently exfoliates your skin getting rid of any dry patches, I get worried that the alcohol is drying out my skin so don't use this everyday.

    My favourite skincare product atm would have to be the simple light hydrating moisturiser x

  6. I've not found it too drying as yet. But then I am using E45 cream which seems to solve any of my dry skin issues.



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