Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Eyeko Nail Polishes and Cream Review

So if you read my previous blog you will have seen that I purchased a couple of Eyeko products the other week. I had been wanting to try this brand out after Letzmakeup talked about the 3 in 1 cream in one of her YT videos. Then after seeing more and more reviews and chat I knew I had to pick up some.

Firstly I would suggest that if you are going to buy their goods do so at the nearest Superdrug that stocks it. If you go onto their website it does have a list of which stores carry the brand. The reason I say this is that the website seems to charge way more for their products than the shop? I have no idea why on Earth this is. For example their nail polishes are £3 on the web but £1.91 in the shop. What the hell? Surely it normally works the other way around. Most things in general (not just make up) on the net tend to be a bit cheaper. Strange.

Any way, the packaging is cute, which anyone reading about Eyeko will know already. The size on the other hand was a bit of a surprise. Yes they looked dinky and cute but they really are tiny. The store I went into had also put them on the lowest shelf possible. Took me several passes to see them! So with size in mind, size does matter after all (tee hee), onto the vital stats.

Vital Stats -
Nail polishes - Price £1.91 Size 6ml Colours Vamp Polish and Pretty Polish
3 in 1 Cream - Price £4 odds (I think it was £4.88, £6 on the website) Size 36ml (one colour)

The Vamp polish is a dark blue black. On my nails is looked pretty much black. It was only when the light hit it that you could see the blue. Not as great a colour as I was hoping but still OK. This is where the packaging seems to be more about form than function for me. I quite like the larger neck on the bottle but don’t like the screw top. With a shorter lid you don’t have the same level of control when applying as you can’t get a decent grip on it. You might not notice much difference when using the hand you write with but I certainly did when I swapped over. Trying to fiddle with this when using my left hand (I’m right handed) annoyed me. Plus the screw top is not the best to try and work with wet nails, if you keep missing the “thread” of the cap it can be a pain.

The polish itself was a tad streaky but after two coats was opaque. It didn’t last all that long though. This was with a base coat, 2 colour coats and a top coat. By the end of the following day I could see it slightly fading at the ends of my nails. Not good. I took it off not long after and chips appeared, I don’t like having chipped nails. So I thought I would try the “Pretty polish”. I liked the baby pink colour but found this worse than the “Vamp”. It streaked badly and still looked streaky after 2 coats. Not a fan. Sorry don't have a photo.

I know some peeps are loving these out there but I know I won’t be buying them again. Yes they are cheap but if you are willing to part with an extra pound or so you can get something so much better. I’m a MASSIVE fan of Barry M nail paints and have always found these to be long lasting. Considering Boots and Superdrug seem to do 2 for a £5 offers on these quite regularly, I’d much rather get these. Plus for that extra few pennies you get 10ml bottles instead of 6ml.

The cream on the other hand I love. It is supposed to be a moisturiser, an eye cream and a highlighter in one. So far I’ve only used it to highlight popped on under my foundation. Once again it was far smaller than I thought it would be. For some reason I thought it would be bigger, I have no idea why. However I can see this lasting me quite a while. A small amount goes a long way and the tub is packed full with cream. It has a little pull tab cover underneath the lid which keeps it all neat and tidy. There is so much cream crammed inside when you first open it that some squeezes itself out of the sides when you replace it (not one to waste I use this on the neck and collarbone). It does give such a lovely glow to the skin. I’m fairly pale at the moment and it looks lovely. I can’t wait to fake tan and then try this on. I’d imagine on a darker skin tone this would look stunning. It’s a lovely soft sheen. I’m really careful with highlighters as I never want a shine to look like I’m just sweaty! Tee hee. I have dry combination skin so I’m not used to my skin being shiny, I think this feeds that fear. Any way I’m loving this. For such a small price it’s so worth picking up.

So in my opinion the nail polishes get a thumbs down but the cream is a massive thumbs up.

Hope it’s been helpful.



  1. Very interesting. It's a brand I've never heard of in America. Plus, the conversion of the price to $ is waaaaaaay higher than drugstore prices. In fact, to get it in America I would actually pay ALMOST DOUBLE the cost of the BEST Designer Nail Polish (OPI Brand) in the States. That's definitely not going to happen, and I'm very glad to know the quality of it if it ever DOES come to America! :)

  2. Great post! I have been looking for the cream for a while now, I must not be looking on the bottom shelves! :p Its something I was wondering if I should try or not, your review was very helpful thank you! :)

  3. @Cirien Phoenix - They've only just started over here as far as I'm aware so not sure if they'll go State side. To be completely honest I think the packaging is the main pull for people to buy these. True it's cute but I certainly didn't find the quality worth it with their polishes. There is better out there.

    @Nikki - I do love the cream and at just under a fiver it's so worth it. If you do purchase it let me know what you think.


  4. I've been on the fence with Eyeko for a few years now...Yes, its very cute, but it's a freakin arm and a leg for something that gets VERY mixed reviews!

  5. I had no idea they had been going for so long. I do think it's form over function to be honest but that's just my opinion. Don't think it would be worth the money for you folks outside the UK. The cream is lovely but there are other ones out there just as great. I can't say I liked the polish. I can see them sitting going unused.



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