Thursday, 15 October 2009

In Style and Cheapy Buys

While shopping in Tesco the other night I picked up a couple of cheapy numbers. Firstly I got “In Style” magazine. Not a one I would normally buy but it had a free tube of L'Occitane hand cream with it. I’ve never tried this so thought why the hell not. Magazine wise I’ve barely picked it up after flicking through it though. Took me quite a while to even get to the contents page, advert after advert after advert. It puts me off. To be honest I only buy one girlie mag a month and that’s Glamour. Cheaper than the average, perfect handbag size and actually contains some content, not just ads. But that’s just me.

Any way I also walked passed the make up stands (of course) and noticed that they are selling “Wet and Wild” products. I tried a couple of their pencil liners in the States and wasn’t overly keen but at prices under £2 why not give them another go.

I was disappointed with the Eyeko Vamp Nail Polish (see previous post) so when I saw a dark, dark gorgeous navy blue it found it’s way into my basket. That along with a light bronzy nail colour which I thought would be office friendly and a hot pink lippy. I’m all about pink lipstick at the mo.

The goods are all wrapped up which I kind of like. No testers though which is not so great but at least you know the ones you purchase haven’t been opened and played with by anyone and everyone.

As soon as I could last night the blue polish was out of it’s wrapper and on my nails. I loved it, shiny shimmering deep blue nails stared back at me. I was happy, until today. Within 24 hours it had chipped and I don’t mean just a little. Two of my nails had almost half of the polish missing and that was with a top coat. It was awful. I took it off as soon as I got in tonight. So my hopes that I had found a cheapy gem went out the window.

Tonight I have put on the bronze. The formula is called “Rock Solid” so fingers crossed it lasts a bit longer. I will update you if this is just as poor.

The lipstick I love, although I haven’t really tried it out properly. I literally slicked it on to check out the colour. It’s called Retro Pink, it looks like a hot pink but once on it looks almost a pink lilac. You can't really see it in the photos but there certainly is some purple tones to it. I’m keen. Not sure what it’s staying power is like as I’ve yet to try it all day. Might do tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a great week.



  1. I nearly picked up a wet n wild nail polish last weekend too, Im glad I didn't now though. Cant stand it when Ive taken the time to paint my nails for it to just chip after a day or so, really annoys me.


  2. Ooh I'm at the airport and need a mag so I'll pick this up! Thanks a bunch! Btw I tag u to do the thank you survey. I didn't originally do a tag sincE I didn't think many people would do it so you're welcome to do it. :)

  3. I have that exact same blue polish from a Tesco trip. Not reviewed it as yet and am a bit scared to now!

  4. @ Jo - There's nothing worse. Taking the time to base coat, double colour and top coat. Then less than 24 hrs it looks awful.

    @ Clearly Beautiful Blog - Ohh Will do. Will copy and paste my comment as a tag.

    @ Helen - Would love to see what you think of it. I mean I know everyone is different but this stuff was chip city so soon.



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