Sunday, 11 October 2009

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation Review

Hello lovely people. Hope you have had a great weekend. Mine has been packed with family and old school friends. I also made the Lemon Drizzle Cake that Oxford Jasmine posted a wee while back and Oh My Gods is it delish. If you get the baking bug try it out. Any way thought I would do my review on the Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation that I bought earlier on in the week.
So the vital stats: Price - £11.70 Size - 34ml Colour - Creamy Ivory

Now I’m not a foundation girl. By that I mean I tend to only wear it when I feel like I need it. If my skin is clear and has a decent colour about it, I skip it. Sometimes I may just use a tinted moisturiser. After all if you don’t need something, don’t use it. I tend to use a light fake tan every other week but when I’m not faked I need something to even out the skin tone and give me a good base. So for someone like me that doesn’t like to feel as if she is wearing a foundation this is a brilliant choice. The application pump is easy to use and mess free but these things annoy me. I know once the bottle starts to get low the pump will stop working and I will be left with a bunch of foundation that I can‘t get to. Then there will be some sort of DIY done on the bottle to get to the rest of it. Also the pump pushes out a standard amount so you can’t really adjust what comes out the bottle. Although I would say a little certainly goes a long way but then I‘m lucky enough to have Okish skin. I don’t use a huge amount. If you are a person that uses quite a bit of product you may find that this runs out quickly. It’s light and leaves my face feeling really soft and velvety. Now, I have dry combination skin and I have noticed that it does tend to cling to any bit of dry skin that may be lurking. However I have E45’d those patches away so that’s no longer a problem. If you are dry skinned be aware. Moisturising before is a must (but then I do this any way). The coverage is light and it evened out my skin well. In fact it is so light that I forgot I even had it on! I had intended to buy a Clinique foundation later but after trying this I’m not sure if I need to. I am very impressed indeed. Even when trying swatches in store I saw a noticeable difference compared to other drugstore brands. Others sat on top of the skin whereas this blended away and felt silky smooth. It lasts all day and sets to an almost powdery effect. I do still use a bit of powder over the top but this tends just to be over the nose and the slightly oilier areas. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a “colour adapt” foundation and I’m very pleased that I have. It does change to my skin tone so I think I will definitely be repurchasing this, the only compliant is the bottle pump design. So if you are not a foundation girl and you are just looking for something that feels like “no make up” this maybe one to try.

If anyone has any questions just let me know.

Take care.


  1. Fantastic review hunny. I have 2 other Max Factor foundations.. and I find they do the same and cling to a dry patch if one arises, other than that I love them.


  2. Hi sweetie,
    I nominated you for 2 blog awards on my blog because you were one of my first blogger friends!
    Emma :)x

  3. @ Jo, I really am super impressed with the results.

    @ Computergirl, thank you so much hun!



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