Saturday, 10 October 2009

Mini Hauling Treats

Here’s a little mini haul I guess. Sounds funny to call it a haul when it's just a few things but don't know what else to call it! Tee hee Nipped into Superdrug the other day to pick up some cheapy treats. I wanted to get my hands on some Eyeko goods, I was after the cream and of course once I found that I ended up with two of their nail polishes as well. It certainly took me long enough to find them in the store. Walked around and around to eventually discover them at the very bottom of a shelf with no prices on them. Very helpful indeed. Also means to get a decent look at them you either have to pretty much kneel on the ground or pick every up. I can see why the super cute packaging and small dinky little containers would tempt people to purchase.

Any way, I got myself the 3 in 1 cream (eye cream, moisturiser and highlighter), “Vamp Polish” (a deep blue black) and “Pretty Polish” (baby pink). I’ve already tried out the “Vamp” and the cream and will post more about that later. The cream is lovely. I was expecting it to a bigger tub for some reason. Don't know why. Here's what it looks like on the skin. I light goldy shimmer. Very pretty indeed.

The tub itself is packed with product. The cream is very thick a little goes a long way. And at just under a fiver I can certainly see myself buying this again although I think this tub will last me quite some time.

I also picked up a tub of E45 cream as my face has been a bit on the dry side lately. When I was reading Lipsticks and Lollipops blog I was reminded how good this stuff is. You'll find the link to her blog at the bottom of the post. Sorry I still don't know how to hotlink. If anyone can teach me I would be very greateful. I’m also running out of eye cream so I picked up Superdrug’s own make Natural High as I have heard it is supposed to be good and it was on offer at half price, bargain.

The last thing I purchased was actually in Boots. I had one of those £5 off vouchers for No7 which are always so handy. I really like their metallic eye liner I have in green so thought I would picked up the gold version. How lovely is this colour?

Think I will try this out today but for the mo here's what it looks like on the skin.

So a very small gathering of pretty things for a very small price. It makes me happy. Will post small review on the nail polish and a review on the colour adapt foundation I bought the other day tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. I have the gold metallic eyeliner too hehe. Its realy pretty.


  2. Oh and hun.. Ill do you a tutorial on how to hotlink later. Im at my bf's house at the mo, but once Im home Ill sort it out for you.


  3. Aw thank you so much hun that would be brilliant!



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