Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pink Lippy Love FOTD

Here’s a quick face of the day and some lippy banter. I have been feeling lately that I was stuck in a rut when it came to lipsticks. My basic routine would be to go for big dramatic eyes (or at least focusing on the eyes) and then slick on a nude lipstick or gloss. Sometimes with a goldie colour but all around the same tone. Every now and then I would go for a red or dark lip but we are talking once in a blue moon. I do find that when I wear a darker lip I do tend to get comments about it. I think this is just because people are so used to seeing me with a neutral lips. I forget at times how much focusing on a different area of your face can really change you. Any way, in an attempt to shake things up a bit on the lip front I have been doing my “Lippy Refind Plan” and using all those colours I have that never see the light of day. However that said, this colour is not so much a refind as I brand new purchase. After reading a blog about a 2 True lipstick I thought I would go get myself one to try (they are dirt cheap after all) and I really wanted a bright pink as this was one colour that I didn’t seem to own. I did buy Barry M’s “A touch of Magic” not that long ago but have not been too keen. That I will touch on tomorrow when I do a proper little review on that and the 2 True product. For today I just wanted to show you this new colour that I have fallen in love with. I picked this first and then planned what to wear on my eyes after. The photos don’t really show it that well but I used a really pale pastel slightly limey green on my eyes and then a plain black gel liner. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and make it all about the lips. It seems to have worked as I got two compliments about it today.

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