Friday, 9 October 2009

A question of mobile blogging

Quick question guys. Do you mobile blog? If so how and when do you do it? Do you use your lunch break at work or when your travelling somewhere.
For and iPod users out there, what app do you use? How do you go about your blogging on the go?
I'm doing it for the first time now so we'll see if this posts ok! Tee hee



  1. As a matter of fact I blogged on the go today! :P On my iPhone I got the 'Blogpress' app, Its really good! My recent post was done that way!

    I would only use it for short posts, for longer ones I prefer my computer


  2. Excellent. Thanks for that. I have the blog press lite version. Once my phone contract changes I should be able to do it through my phone. Looking forward to trying it out.



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