Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Superdrug Goodies - Sleek, Barry M and Gosh

I treated myself today with a little trip to Superdrug. I did need to pick up a semi permanent hair dye as my roots are starting to show. However coupled with that fact Sleek were bringing out their latest limited edition palette today.

My Superdrug seems to sell out in the blink of an eye so I knew I would need to get in fast. I tripped into town several times to try and get their LE goods but they were sold out every time. Still being gutted that I didn’t get my mitts on the “Acid” or “Safari” palettes I was going to make sure “Graphite” didn’t elude me. Any way I’m over the moon to get this one and am looking forward to having a play with it at the weekend.

So of course while I was there I had to see what offers were on too!

Barry M nail paints were 2 for £5 so I picked up a couple. These I needed to get *cough* as my new job isn’t the type of place where bright polishes would be suitable. The grey I wore today (Asda Raincloud) wasn’t really right so I got this little pink number. Also needed a new base coat so I thought I would try theirs, this is a three in one product as it’s a top coat and hardener too.

Next was another offer (bargain joy). I had wanted to try Gosh Cosmetics for a while and spied that they had a 3 for 2 (get the cheapest item free) on so dived right in. I got myself two Extreme Art Eyeliners, one in a gorgeous bronze brown and the other in a silvery grey.

I can confirm that they are certainly waterproof even before trying them on my eyes as it took quite a bit of scrubbing to get the swatches off the back of my hand! Looking forward to playing with these as well.

Now the last thing is Gosh “Darling” lipstick. I had heard so much about this lipstick through the internet that I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. Quickly trying it on tonight I have to admit I’m not feeling it. It’s perhaps is too pale for me (like Barry M Lip Paint 101) but we‘ll see.

Here's a swatch of the liners and the lippy. Sorry not the best photo as having to use a flash.

So guys, have any of you tried these products? What’s your thoughts?

Happy Wednesday!
Take care


  1. Fantastic haul! That Sleek palette looks lovely; I might need to get that one. I'm surprised by how good the Barry M stuff is. x

  2. Haha I think we must have doubled sleek's turnover for the month today, I know loads of people myself included who got that palette but the lightest colours especially are sooo pretty. Gosh darling is lovely too x

  3. *dies a bit* NEW sleek palette??? Its so gorgeous!! I want it *pouts* I can't have it though cause I'm a stupid American. Grr! Nope, not jealous of you AT ALL!

    I really love that silver liner, its gorgeous!

    The way I wear Darling is to first put on a lip balm and then put the lipstick over it. It sort of makes it less "deadly pale" and more "pretty nude". I hope that helps!

    Wait...I am SO not in the loop! When did you get a new job?? When do you start?? And, CONGRATS *hugs*

  4. @ Grace London - I'm been so impressed with the sleek eyeshadows, tried an eyeliner pencil but wasn't loving it but I am tempted to try more from them. Barry M is my go to for nail colours as they last for ages. Wished they did more office friendly shades though.

    @ Sarah - I know. I can just imagine how many people went running to Superdrug and how many posts we are all going to see on them. However I have to say I think they are worth all the chatter, great product for a great price.

    @ Louise- For sure, it is lovely, I'm sure you'll like it.

    @ - Lisa Kate - I wish I could afford to send you one over hun. Thanks for the tip about darling. Think I will try this tomorrow. And yep I started a new job on Monday (so don't feel quite as quilty buying cosmetics as I know there is money on the way finally!). I didn't shout it from the roof tops too much as I was(I now this sounds silly) scared that it would somehow be taken away. Like they would change their mind or something! Once I have pennies (perhaps in the new year) I'm up for doing a swap if you want to get your mitts on Sleek stuff.


  5. I love the Barry M 3 in 1 Polish. When I started growing my nails.. that really helped them out a lot. Its my permanent base coat now.


  6. Love the Sleek palette! They need to start selling it in Canada!!

    Love the Gosh liners -- have to pick one of those up someday. As for Gosh Darling, I have the same issue. I tend to use a liner underneath and layer the colour on top -- otherwise I get the dreaded concealer lip look!

  7. I am SO behind the times. I only bought my first Sleek palette (Storm) on Saturday. They don't sell Sleek in my local Superdrug so when I saw it in Manchester the other weekend, I had to snap it up.

    And now i want the new one too. Argh.

    So sad you have to have work appropriate nails in your new job. But there are lots of nice pinks out there and surely dark vamps are ok?

  8. I want that lipstick now please! lol..

  9. i have never seen those palettes in my superdrug :( that grey polish looks really good on you, i'm tempted to try it but i'm so pale i dont think it would suit me x

  10. @ Jo - I have used it today and it seems great - super shiny!

    @ Lipstick Rules - It's a shame they don't sell there. Allow they seem to be getting more and more popular so hopefully fingers crossed. Thanks for the Darling tip. Will have to give it a go as not too keen on it on it's own. Wish I had picked something else.

    @ Helen - I really like storm. There's one matte mid brown colour that I've pretty much used up, I bought another palette just for that one colour. Great wearable colours.
    Oh and no dark vamps I'm afraid so it's pinks all the way (will have to buy some, what an excuse)

    @ Mama Jen - I'm not keen but it may suit you.

    @ Bits Of Fluff - I am super super pale (Scottish skin). Sure it'll be fine. It's only £1.50 (there was £1 offer on the other week could still be on).


  11. Great haul! The sleek palette looks amazing, I've seen swatches and it lives up to the hype, IMO. I love GOSH lipstick, can't wait to hear how it worked for you!

  12. congratulations you have won my blogger of the week award :D love your blog.


  13. Thank you so much. Will be passing this on shortly!



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