Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Technical help needed!

So folks I need a bit of technical advice. As I've said before I have an was looking for a blog application for an iPod. I currently use Blogwriter Lite (the free version) but with this I can only post (without photos). Can follow what you guys are posting. Does anyone know if the full version allows you to see the blogs I'm following? When I go onto the site direct through the Internet on the iPod I can't scroll down on the dashboard. Also when I go to read blogs it doesn't load properly, the odd image but no text. Basically useless. So any idea what I could use.
Also I have a Sony ericsson phone and can go on the Internet with it. However once again the pages don't load properly. Help peeps help.
E x


  1. Mr London has just started a gaming blog, and he used Blogpress, which was a couple of quid. He really likes it, but you can't follow other blogs on it, it's purely publishing. You can publish pictures on it.

    Have you signed up to Bloglovin.com? That's a much better interface for following blogs on the iphone.

  2. Thanks hun. I've figured out how to see comments I get and to reply on my mobile, which i'm doing now, not the quickest thing though. Will have to get out bloglovin tonight. X


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