Monday, 23 November 2009

Blogger Awards and Thanks

Hey there folks,
I hope everyone had a great Monday. I tend to get Monday blues so I've cheered myself up tonight by coming on here and catching up on my blog reading. Added to this was the lovely surprise that the fabulous Emma and Sarah have both given me a couple of blog awards. Cheered me up a treat I tell you.

Now both of these awards have different rules. One is to go to 3 people(One lovely Blog) and one to go to 15 (I love your blog).

So I hope these girls don't mind but I am going to combine them and give both to 7 people! ;)

So here they are -

The Makeup Snob

Sparkle is my Crack!

Superficial Girls

Lou Lou Land!


Clearly Beautiful

Do Not Refreeze

Also guys, as I've not had much time online I do feel that I may have lost track of TAGS and perhaps an Award that might have been sent my way. If that is the case I do apologise.

On top of this I would like to thank everyone that is following my blog. I'm over the moon to have some many, it means a lot. So thanks for taking the time out to read my randomness and for leaving me comments. I still can't get over how friendly the blogger world is. You people ROCK!



  1. Thank you sweetie, you made my day. I've been slaving away at work and came back to my computer to find this award. Thanks a lot, I'll post it up soon! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for this! it really means alot to me!!!


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