Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Finally some ELF

Well I have finally got my hands on some ELF products! Woooo Hooooo

I placed my order on Saturday and it arrived today which is super quick considering the postal strikes and all. I got myself four products in total. All £3.50 each which seems very reasonable indeed. I’m impressed so far not only with the speed of the delivery but the packaging. It’s sleek and not at all cheaper end of the market looking. I can’t wait to try these out. So I got my mitts on their Eyebrow Kit, Under-eye Concealer and Highlighter, Contouring Blush and Bronzer Powder and, my biggest want, the Complexion Perfection!

Did of course open them all up and have a little play but will properly try them out tomorrow. The eyebrow kit is something I’m curious about as I’ve only ever used an eyebrow pencil so this is something completely different.

The Concealer coupled with the Complexion powder I’m hoping will hide my dark shadows! Fingers crossed. The blush I know I will use on the apple of my cheeks and the bronzer will be a contour.

Now I know that the products have been talked about greatly and no doubt reviewed a million times but I’m just so pleased to get my hands on these I had to post about it.

Hope you've had a good day. I'm choked with the cold and am just about to go to bed with a dozen tissues so these little cosmetics helped cheer me up.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, doll!!

    I can't wait for your reviews on these...they all look very interesting!

  2. I can't wait for ELF to hit Zellers!

  3. I've just bought the Complexion powder, and am interested to see your review on it. I'm in two minds... It seems to make me look a bit ghosty? Perhaps I'm not using it right?

  4. I hope you love the complexion perfection as much as me! I generally seep a little bit on under my foundation (not too much as I dont want the foundation to become loose. Then a light dusting to 'set' my foundation. I then target specific colours in specific areas. Just remember to go with the opposite colour to the part of your face you are trying to cover up. Dark circles (I think the yellow is good for that) green over red blemishes and so on.

    Natalya at Filthy Gorgeous makeup have done a video on Elf and how she uses the complexion perfection.

    I should be uploading my Elf swatches tomorrow for a few of old-to-USA/new-to-UK items.

    Look forward to reading your review!
    Hope you feel better soon! x

  5. I still haven't ordered some of the studio line. Tell us what you think!

  6. I love brand new fresh makeup. It's always so pretty when you first see it, haha. Then you get to mess it all up. XD

  7. @ Lisa Kate - I tried them today for the first time and I gotta say loving the eyebrow kit.

    @ Gaby - hope some comes your way soon.

    @ Alison - I think the trick is to do a very light covering of it. I think Computergirl answered your query.
    I would try the different colours out in different ways as it all depends on the undertones of your skin.

    @ Computergirl - Not sure if this was reply to Alison's query or to me but I will reply to the second half. ;)
    I've seen Natalya's vid. One of the many reasons I was wanting it so much. Looking forward to seeing your swatches. My wish list might get bigger!

    @ GiGi - will do sweetie

    @ Cirien Phoenix - I have to admit I did get all excited about opening up the boxes! tee hee



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