Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Highs and Lows of My Lipstick Hunting

Recently I have been trying to get my hands on some more lipsticks. Admittedly I do have a fair few but they all tend to be a bit samey and a tad old. Besides I seem to always get eye make up so I thought it was time for something new in the lip department.

In this quest I found myself trying little cheapie options I had never purchased before. Literally things would just catch my eye as I was out and about. I didn’t have the cash at the time to be actually going out looking for make up so it was down to what I stumbled across. Any way I was hoping that I would discover a magical gem of a lippy that would cost next to nothing and work wonders. Ok, so maybe this was wishful thinking.

Firstly the I did find myself a couple of ok things. Wet n Wild (bought in Tesco) in Retro Pink and Pink Ice are quite nice. Under £2, long lasting considering the price and Retro Pink (above) certainly packs a punch colour wise.

On the other side of things Tesco also sells their own basic range “All About Face” and oh my were these lipsticks crap. There really is no other word for them. I bought one in Soft Coral and another I can’t even remember the colour of. These were so greasy I literally put them on my lips once and that was it. Awful, I just wish there had been a tester (they come wrapped up in a plastic sleeve). That was £4 wasted. So bad I don't have photos of them for you to see.

Now there may be some people out there that say “well what do you expect for under £2?”. I probably would have agreed a couple of weeks ago but that was before I bought “Boots Natural Collection” lipsticks. I’ve blogged about these previously so I won’t repeat myself but simply say, brilliant everyday lipsticks and cheap as chips!

Also 2 True (in Superdrug)do a lovely little pink number (number 4)that I am very keen on.

On the slightly more expensive scale but still drugstore brand was GOSH and Barry M. Both had let downs for me, GOSH’s Darling and Barry M’s 101, for the same reason. Far, far too white pale for me. I literally looked like I had rubbed concealer all over my lips which gave me a lovely corpse-like appearance. Both seemed to settle into every line of my lips. Hideous. I doubt if I will ever use these two again. I could use these over a liner etc but I would rather just get myself another colour that causes me less hassle.

(GOSH Darling)

Also Barry M’s magic lipstick wasn’t a winner for me. Goes on green and turns pink once on the lips. Stains unevenly, grabs every line and just looks rough. However I do want to say that Barry M’s 136 is lovely. I use that regularly.

Maybelline’s Ambre Rose is another favourite. I have adored this recent purchase . I really wished I had ignored the GOSH temptation and bought another colour from Maybelline’s range. The Hollywood red has my attention.

Any way I thought I would do a little highs and lows of my lipstick hunting.

What about you guys. Any favourite lippies of late?



  1. oooh too many for me to choose from ;-)

    Love Ambre Rose on you. We don't have that colour here but I'm a big fan of the Maybelline ColorSensationals.

  2. I've never been a huge fan of ls, but recently, I've tried a couple. I am still getting used to Mac's Honeylove, and I really enjoy Clinique's Spiced Apple.

  3. I have the Magic lips colour changing lipstick and fidn it far better than Barry M's ones. Magic lips have vit E and Aloe Vera in them, less drying- also come i quite a few shades.

    I love my maybelline gallactic mauve (*must do a post on this*) it's gorgeous. Not really go into the whole 'nudes' thing, nd havent really ventured into that many bright. I tend to natually opt for a shade darker or lighter than my natural shade, or a dark berry shade.. open to new colours though!
    Emma :)x

  4. I love the Maybelline Hollywood red, and reviewed it recently! Also had real trouble with GOSH Darling, which was a real shame, as I'd read some really good reviews of it.

  5. That 2True lippie on you is gorgeous!! I've recently been loving my Covergirl TruShine in Powderpink Shine, I totally forgot I had it!

  6. Wishlist: Maybelline Color Sensational & now, Boots Natural. Thanks!

    By the way, I've tagged you to do a color tag, and the color is Green! I know we're all busy, so just do that whenever you can! :)

  7. Buying lipsticks without testers is a bit like shopping in Primark without trying things on, you think, oh well it's only xxx - but they all add up, and like you say, sometimes you can find a gem like the Natural Collection lipsticks. Still, that's why it's so great to be able to share everyones reviews. Not a big lipstick lover myself, but like Maybelline Colour Sensational too.

  8. My lipstick luxury purchase is Lancome No82 Brun Sien. My mum and sister have worn it since the 80s. A nice retro 80s Opium commercial look.

    I also like the classic Bourjois lippies. But the lipcreams are much more useful for me I find. Natural pouts run to chapped all too easy esp. in the bad weather.

    For lip shine - Aveda Lip Shine. Some great colours and lasts forever.

  9. @ Lipsticks rules - Thanks, as your name suggests I was thinking you might have trouble naming just a few. ;)

    @ Laura Loo - You know I still don't own any MAC lipstick. This is something I have to change!

    @ Computergirl - I might keep my eye out for that shade. I still covet Dior Lip Glow for the my lips but better look.

    @ Get lippie - I had a look and I am so going to have to get this colour.

    @ Lisa Kate - I so wish we had Covergirl over here.

    @ Clearly Beautiful - I will go read. Thanks hun.

    @ The Beauty Edit - exactly! I thought "why not?" and then instant regret when I got home. That could have been £4 toward a good product.

    @ Sefi - loving the lippie suggestions. Must add these to my "to try" list. Thanks hun.



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