Monday, 9 November 2009

More little goodies I purchased

I got myself another couple of goodies at the weekend.

First up is the Boots No7 illuminated mirror. I first saw this on the lovely Sarah’s blog. She advised it was half price but at the time I just didn’t have the pennies to get my hands on it. I knew I would end up buying it at some point but expected it to be back up to the full price of £50. What with dark winter mornings and energy saving bulbs it’s not the brightest first thing. This mirror is brilliant. It can actually see what I’m doing. Trust me, with getting up at 6am I need all the help I can get seeing. Happily it was still on a half price offer of £25 (no doubt for the run up to Christmas).

Next up is the Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll On. I’ve been curious about the little number for a while. I’ve always got really dark circles under my eyes, regardless of how much sleep I get. Although to be honest my sleeping pattern is not the best. So anything that says it will help has me interested. That’s why I’m also always on the look out for the ultimate concealer. After trying this for a while I will let you know if I see any difference.

Last but not least is the famous Ambre Rose Maybelline lipstick. This I am loving.

The colour is perfect for every day wear. A lovely pinky nude. I can see why people love it so much. Plus I like the smell. Even my boyfriend noticed this and found the scent appealing.



  1. I'm addicted to this Garnier Roll On! It works wonder! And it's so refreshing (=

  2. I knew I should have got Ambre Rose instead of that horribly-scented Drive Me Nuts! Your lips look very luscious with this lippie! Hope the Garnier roll works, you should see my bags!! xx

  3. I'll be interested to know about the Garnier Roll In. I've been wondering about it myself as I have really dark circles and no amount of sleep or water does anything.

    That mirror, is it really good? I might put it down on my wishlist for xmas. x

  4. @ Gaby - Here's hoping it works for me too!

    @ Anna - I almost picked Drive Me Nuts and Hollywood Red as well. I never realised they were so scented. Will have to sniff before I buy next time.

    @ Clare - I drink water by the pints and have tried of late to get more sleep but I think I will always have them. Will do a review after a few weeks.
    I do like the mirror. It was a treat to myself as even at half price it aint cheap. I find it very handy for early dark mornings. One side is a normal mirror and it flips over for a X5 view. I like gel and liquid liners so this helps a lot in the morning.


  5. Very pretty lippie! We don't have that colour here in Canada I don't think but I do love the texture of these Maybelline lippies.

  6. Great mirror! I might have to invest in one myself for the dark mornings! I got the caffeine roll on, to be honest I didnt see any difference, and I didnt find that it worked with make up on as well, it just peeled back off again :( I hope you have better luck though!


  7. I learn something new every day, kiddo. YOu should try to submit some of you articles to a style magazine or even teh newspapers because you look professional and don't witter in a way. Ever thought of journalism?

    I'd say something more make-up-y but I am a rubbish girl and I don't wear any! :)

  8. I clearly need to learn what to write and that. My grammar kills kittens there.

  9. @ Lipstick Rules - You don't have that colour in Canada. Wow I thought us UKers would only have what you guys get or less. Strange. I think I might get myself more at some point as I am impressed.

    @ Nikki - I've been putting it on as soon as I get out of the shower in the morning, work it into the skin the put my eye cream over the top. I give it a while before I put any concealer on as I tend to do this last so shadow fall out is not an issue.

    @ Sefi - Sweetie I WISH. How much fun would that be! I would love to get paid to write about things I am clearly obsessed with. However I fink ma English is not well enough and ma writin' skills aint what they needs to be. This is my little outlet for cosmetic want.



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