Monday, 2 November 2009

Review Catch Ups

Thought I would do a little update on a couple of the products I bought recently.

Firstly we have Neutrogena's Visibly Clear 2-in-1. Now as I’ve said before I have ok skin. Little break outs from time to time but nothing to terrible (touch wood) so I didn’t expect to see a huge change. I had heard great things about this stuff so decided to give it a whirl. I’ve been using it now for about a week and a half and liking it. It’s not an amazing HG life changing product but it is good. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and gives a nice “clean” feeling. I’ve only used it as a mask once but it seemed to fair well. Comfortable enough on and refreshing once again. So if you are after a good, not overly expensive, face wash this might be up your street. I probably would repurchase this, that’s unless I hear about something shiny and new.

Secondly Gosh products. The famous “Darling” lipstick is not for me. It just doesn’t suit me at all. Over a lip liner it’s ok but for quick touch ups who has the time to line the lips again to reapply? On its own I just end up looking like I’ve covered my lips in concealer or slightly corpsey looking, not good. So I think this will go unused, really wish I had picked another colour. On the other hand I do very much like their Extreme Art Eyeliners. My eyes water is the wind and it’s always windy here so I need liner that stays put. These, IMO, are just as good as MAC’s liquid last liners and a bit cheaper. Once on, they stay on. Removing them really requires a oil based product just like the MAC ones. I’m not overly keen on the shiny finish that is left with both of these but what can you do? If you do rub your eyes by accident or have them on for a long time little cracks can appear. I do have to say that I more a fan of gel liners. A whole bunch of Bobbi Brown numbers are going on my Christmas list.

Next on the list is the Natural Collection Fig Leaf Lipstick. I love this colour so much but it broke today! Eeeep. It snapped at the base so this is going to be a major pain in the ass to put on. I will have to try as it’s just perfect for my work. Going to have to pick up another next time I’m in a Boots that carries it.

Lastly is the No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in brown. I wore this today for work for the first time and it’s done pretty well. It’s a nice colour, goes on smoothly without dragging the eye and I haven’t had to touch it up all day. Still not as keen on pencil liners as I am on gel or liquid but I’m impressed and can see myself using this in the future.

Any way that my catch up so far. Will do another on the hair products I bought after a couple of weeks of using them.

Hope you have all had a good Monday.



  1. Oo glad the pencil works well. Will try to check it out with my £5 boots voucher!

    Re the broken lipstick- you can always put it in an old lipgloss pot and use a lip brush- or maybe try melting the base a bit and resticking it. Not tried that one myself, but it could work (if not a little messy!x

  2. cool catch up, thanks for the mini-reviews. Short, sweet and helpful as always. :)

  3. @ Computergirl - I don't know if I could do the whole pot and lip brush. I love being able to top my lippie up quick smart. I've pushed it back in as much as possible although it broke a bit more...poo ;( But I've put it in the fridge as well to see if that will help it rebond. Fingers crossed.

    @ Clearly Beautiful Blog - Thanks hun. I think I get all excited about blogging about fun new stuff that I have to remember to say if it's any good!



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