Sunday, 6 December 2009

I gave in purchases

So do you remember that self imposed spending ban on all things cosmetic I put on myself? Well I kind of broke that a bit this weekend. Whoops, although I can explain.

You see I went out on Friday after work to do a quick bit of Christmas shopping. I knew exactly what I was looking for but thought I would scan the shops for little stocking filler gifts. As well as that I was pricing aftershaves so popped into boots, ignored the make up completely and then headed to Superdrug to see if they did the same aftershave any cheaper. So you see I was there for research purchases honest! As I walked in to SD I quickly passed all the make up stands as I simply don’t trust myself. Then came to an abrupt stop and back tracked. They had a Sleek stand. Now as far as I was aware only one SD store in my city stocked Sleek. I knew that they were going into more stores but none on their list were near me. Hence the surprise. Not a such a big deal really as the two stores are in easy walking distance from one another. The big deal was that sitting on their shelves were the two eye shadow palettes I had wanted and couldn’t get my mitts on at the first store. Try as I might every time I had gone in there they were sold out. Not only that but there is a 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics in SD at the moment. The ban was lifted and here is what I purchased.

Acid and Sunset eyeshadow palettes and Flamingo blush. Lovely. I’m adoring them big style and all for just under a tenner. Surely Santa would understand? I seem to keep reaching for my sleek palettes at the moment so the chance to try more colours was too much. I'm weak for make up.

I do what to start trying out other products and brands too, I feel I’ve been a bit Sleek, Sleek, Sleek recently (although the brands I want are on the pricey side of things therefore waiting until after Crimbo). I have done a couple of EOTDs with these over the weekend which I will post later on. I seriously can not buy any more cosmetics until after Christmas! Naughty me.

So guys have you had a good weekend?

What was the last product you treated yourself to?



  1. i would have purchased those 2 eyeshadow palettes instantly. Not for the brand, but just because those are some crazy cool colors! :D

  2. Pwhoooar Acid! I really want that palette too! How gorgeous are the purples and the green next to them? Stunning :D

    I'd have caved too ;)

  3. I don't think it counts when it's 3 for 2. Honestly ;)

    How cool are those Sleek palettes?

  4. Gorgeous palettes! the colours look amazing! Cant wait to see your EOTD's with them! I have been on a spending ban, but I have still managed to spend... Sigma brushes of all things!
    Im getting a lump of coal for Christmas for that :(

    P.S. Sprog still isnt here, 3 more days though! Ohhh I hope your an Aunt soon! :D

  5. I love the 2nd pallette and the blush--great choices, and don't feel bad!

  6. Cirien Phoenix - I know! I don't know how much use I will get out of them but HAD to have them.

    Small town girl - Acid rocks. I used the greens the other day (about to post about it). Purples I tend to stay away from but with colours like these I must use them.

    Grace London - Thank you! I was hoping it didn't count. I do think the palette are great value considering the price. I've paid more for products that have turned out to have less quality.

    Nikki - Sigma brushes, oh my, I'm jealous. I need brushes and hoping Santa brings me some.
    Looking forward to hearing your baby news. Will be thinking of you! xxx

    Mama Jen - Go get it, you won't regret it.

    Clearly Beautiful blog - The bad feeling left once I got them home and opened them! Tee hee



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