Monday, 21 December 2009

Kat Von D Purple EOTD

So purples aren’t really my thing but I am determined to try and make them work. I adore my Kat Von D palettes and there are some lovely purples in Beethoven palette so I will keep trying.

Over all I liked the look but my mistake was my choice in a base. A while back a bought an eyeshadow pencil from Tesco’s ‘All About Face’ range for this purpose. I tend to use MAC shadesticks every now and then as bases so I had thought it might be able use this too. Boy was I wrong. God awful!!!! In fact it was so bad it has inspired me to make a SIN BIN. I’m going to list all the products I thought were bad. Luckily I don’t have many at the moment. Fingers crossed I won’t be adding many to this list. I also tried a couple of lipsticks and a concealer from this range and didn’t like any of it. The lipsticks were the worst, grease city. Instant bin job.

Any way I tried out this EOTD however due to the crappy base I will have to try it again. I could see it creasing within minutes. Fingers crossed it will turn out better next time.

Hope you’ve had a good Monday.

Christmas aint far away!


  1. The eyeshadows look gorgeous, love this look on you. I *really* want that palette!!

  2. I'm almost at the pan of my purple Kat Von D shadows. Love them!!

    Purple is the best color for brown eyes so I try to wear it all the time

  3. I love this look, so smokey! need to check out this palette I think!


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