Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Off topic ramble post - Book Clubs

This is more a blogging sort of post, not make up related. I've been a busy bunny of late so not had much time to play with my cosmetics. The looks I have been going for are more regular 'looks' that I can apply without really thinking. Second nature now. Plus I've given myself a little spending ban as I have everything from my wish list *points to right of screen* on my Crimbo list. So nothing new for me until Santa shows his red and white behind.
What's on your Christmas list?

So I joined a book club through work and I need to make some suggestions for future reads and I need your help. Now my normal flavour of book is thrillers, chillers, creepy twisty plots and murder mysteries. Think CSI on paper. However the folks at work aren’t really into that sort of thing. Now I know that a book club is supposed to make you read things you wouldn’t normally pick up but there is no point me putting things forward if people are going to hate them. So people I need your help on this one. Please can you suggest some great reads for me that most people would enjoy.

Thank guys *hugs*

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Is it a mixed book club? I've jst finished Sophie Kinsella's 'Can you keep a secret?' Made me laugh out loud in places, but depends what type of people they are. A guy probably wouldnt enjoy it as much!

    I havent really read much recently. Ive read a few James Herbet books but those arent everyones cup of tea.

    If it's a mixed age all female group then things like 'Little Women' might go down well. mixed group, how about 'Of mice and Men' So hard, got me thinking now!!

  2. Charlaine Harris - Dead After Dark, anything by Marian Keyes is always good, urgh I have brain freeze and can't think of anything specific offhand!

  3. Thanks girls. I will look into these suggestions. The group is all women all from 30 to 40.

    We are currently reading a Marian Keyes funnily enough, so I wouldn't want to suggest another one so soon but thanks.


  4. Can't say I care much for the Sookie Stackhouse novels or Charlaine Harris. True Blood is better and less basic because dim Sookie isn't the narrator. Fairies and vampires interest some though.

    Nicci French is a good one for 30-40 general readers. Patricia Cornwell too.


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