Monday, 14 December 2009

Sunset Sleek Palette EOTD

So as I previously blogged I got my mitts on a Sleek Sunset palette. Bargain. Thought I would share with you a quick EOTD and also fess up to breaking my spending ban again.

Firstly, loving the orangey colours of the Sunset palette. Looking forward to trying out the reds within it. As usual the shadows are of a good quality, certainly for the price.

Secondly, my ban, once again I was shopping for Christmas presents and found myself in The Body Shop. You see my first mistake. They had this neat little eyeshadow palette for only five pounds so I thought it would be rude not too (go get one folks, there's another palette with silvers/blacks too). Bad I know but it’s an addiction! I can’t help it. Tried a couple of the colours and I think they will be great everyday colours and work friendly.

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well. The crowds are starting to get a bit mad in the shops now.



  1. Love the eyes!!

    I got this Body Shop palette too - love the colours (hate the packaging!).

  2. Love that colour combo with your blue eyes. The texture of those eyeshadows looks incredible. x

  3. oooh, that looks a nice palette.
    Have you managed to get hold of the Sleek graphite palette? Can't get it anywhere x

  4. Had o give you the friend award on my blog :)

    Hope youre well hun! Emma x

  5. @ Lipstick rules - I'm not keen on the packaging either. The velvety stuff just gathers fluff and looks tatty already.

    @ Gaby - Thank you. x

    @ Grace London - I am loving it. Through out there palettes I find some colours amazing and others not so much. However for the price total bargain!

    @ Lauren - I got my hands on it when it first came out. I've not used it all that much. Are you still getting your fella to buy it for you?

    @ Computergirl - Thanks hun, going to run to your blog to check it out. Hope you are doing well and getting all Christmasy!!! xxx


  6. Please can you do a tutorial on how to do this look? It's beautiful! x

  7. Will try to recreate it, although it's been a while. x


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