Monday, 18 October 2010

A fond farewell...thanks guys

Hey there folks.

Firstly I want to start this post by saying thank you to anyone who has ever followed my blog, commented or just dipped into it now and then.

Unfortunately I, like the title suggests, will no longer be blogging/posting. As much as I totally love the blogging world other career priorities are just taking over and they need to come first.

I’m finding myself with less and less time to do any blogging what so ever, reading or posting. I don’t want to be updating just once a month or leave it to frizzle out so I thought I would give thanks to you folks and say cheerio.

I will be keeping the page open in the hope that I will still have some time in the future to pop on and read what everyone has been up to.

So happy cosmetic adventures to you guys. It’s been great.


Friday, 8 October 2010

Oh you Snob and MIA

Firstly I just want to say sorry for the lack of posts. I was away for a long weekend and got food poisoning on the way back home. Felt horrible with no energy for days so wasn't up to blogging. Plus work hasn't been great but annny way.
Thought I would post a little something about a MAC lippie I picked up a few weeks back.
I went in with the idea of getting the "Girl about Town" lipstick. I've seen it online so much that I really fancied it. However when I got to the MAC store "Snob" caught my eye. I have a couple of bright pink lipsticks that I don't wear as often as I should so I thought I would get this instead (however I fully intend to get GAT as well). Snob is not the normal type of pink I would wear. Far paler than I'm used to but I really like it on and have worn it so often since I bought it. I like the satin finish too. Having only bought my first MAC lippie within the last year I am officially a fan now. I have my eye on quite a few!
So folks, do you have a favourite MAC lipstick?
Oh and I also finished the scarf for my giveaway! Got the mitts and hat to do although it'll have to be put to the side at the moment as I am working on a Christmas project for my mum that is rather big so I want to get it all done so there is no last minute freak out!
Hope you are all well and HELLO FRIDAY!
E x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Do you ever FOTD forget?

I have to ask, as I’ve been doing this waaaay too often recently. Do you guys ever FOTD forget? You play with your make up stash, you like the look you did enough to grab a few snaps for future blogging. Then when you finally get around to having some net time to post said images you have totally forgot what products you’ve used. I’m doing this so much of late. In fairness it can also be argued that it is silly to have so many products that you could easily not know which gold eyeshadow you used! Tee hee.
So do you do this? Hopefully I’m not alone here and it’s not just another sign of getting old!

So I’m thinking from now on I am going to have to snap the cosmetic sitting on my table before I put them away to remind me what the hell I used.

So on that note here’s a forgotten FOTD. It's um..purple?


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Thanks and Following freebies

The lovely Emma over at Computergirl's Musings reminded me the other day that I have been blogging for well over a year now (thanks sweetie and happy Blogiversary to you too!).
Time fly silly quick, too quick of late. I can't believe it's mid September already. I've already had to start putting the heating as it's so cold.
Any way I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the folks that follow my blog and that I have chatted to over the last year. I love reading everyone's pages and joining in with all the cosmetic madness. Addicted and happy to admit it!
Also I have decided what I am making for my next giveaway, it's going to have a movie theme. A pair of mittens and hat inspired by Twilight and a scarf inspired by Harry Potter. Once I have these made and a couple of make up products purchased I will get it up and started.
Hope you guys are having a great week (thankfully it's hump day). Roll on FRIDAY!
E xxxx

Saturday, 11 September 2010

We all love a bit of Nude and a freebie

I'm a sucker for nude lipstick. I have so many it's a bit silly really. I tend to wear bold eye colours a lot of the time so nudes are a happy way to keep them balanced. However I have been going for a bold lip more often these days. That being said I was in a supermarket the other day and there was a three for two offer on. Yip, I can't walk passed these ever. Technically I only needed one item, which was another tube of Max Faxtor's lash extension effect mascara, as I had ran out (it's my every day go to mascara). Then I spied these L'oreal numbers.
These are in their blonde range, I'm not blonde but who cares! Tee hee

Number 253 on the left and 233 on the right.

They do have a bit of a scent about them but this doesn't really bother me. I love the look and the feel of them. My lips but very much better.

Number 253 above

Number 233 above

So folks, what's your favourite nude lippie?

On another note I have noticed today that my followers is now up to 250! YIPPPEEEEE
Now I won't celebrate too much about this as the number has been going up and down of late. What I will say is thanks so much to all those following. I'm so over the moon about this and glad that I have a little space to bang on about my joy of make up. I will be planning another give away soon. I shall be purchasing a few things for it (now that I have hit the number). I will also be making a knitted pair of mittens and a scarf to go with whatever products I get. As this will be coming out of my pocket it will be little items but I just want to show how much I appreciate you guys.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Rimmel - Matte me up - NOTD

When it came to the whole matte nail thing that kicked off a little while back, I never really got on board. I just didn't fancy it much for no particular reason other than liking shiny nails. However everyone seems to be bringing out a matte top coat so I thought "what the hell, why not". I didn't know if I would be using it much so I went for the cheaper option of Rimmel.
I can't remember the exact price but I think it was about £5.

Now I am restricted colour wise in my job, it's just not the place for spanking bright colours, and I do miss them from time to time, especially bright reds but there is always the weekend. Although this forced colour palette has made me fall a little in love with all things neutral.
So here is a before and after shot using a Nails Inc (I think it was the freebie coloue from the Boots Cola offer). Oh and sorry for the state of my nails. Had a lot of broken nails recently.

And of course after:

After trying this little beauty out I can honestly say I am ready to be matted up! I really like it. I may not have the choice colour wise but I now have a pick of finish. What I also like, although I am fairly certain that this is not a selling point, is the way the top coat kinda wears off and the days go past. So I have super matte on day one and then a satin finish a couple of days after. This may bug some folks but I kinda like it.

I've seen a good few Matte nail top coat posts out there in the blog world, are you tempted to go matte?


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Plug your blog!

Hey there

I borrowed this idea from the lovely Computergirl's Musings (with her permission, go check her out if you aren't already following her).

Some folks pop URLS in my comments from time to time, sometimes I have a problem getting on to their page or profile. So if you can post a link in the comments here I will go have a look see and follow you.

My time online is limited but I do try and get on Blogger as much as I can. I miss it when I haven't been on in a while, yes make up addicted and blog addicted! So I will try to stop by as many blogs as I can and leave a comment. I know it's always lovely to get a little message saying you have a comment waiting.

I love finding new blogs and folks to get make up crazy with.

So if you can post a link and a couple of sentences just telling me a bit about yourself that would be grand. I look forward to reading your stuff.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

E x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Twilight Knits

As you may already know from previous posts I'm new the world of Twilight. I'm almost finished the second book (although I've seen all 3 movies). I'm also learning to crochet and knit, once again repeating myself I know. Sorry.
So I'm combining the both. There are plenty of Twilight inspired knitting patterns out there and there are a good few many I want to try once my skills pick up. Any way here are two pairs of "Alice Mitts" that I have recently knitted. I'm pretty pleased with them.

Inspired by all things vampy I decided to do a red eye the other day. I haven't really used my Circus Sleek palette as I wasn't overly keen on it but the pink and red were calling me. Everything else I kept super pale as you can see. I would certainly use these colours again. Red on the eyes always feels a little different as not many people use it. In certain lights it also looked a bit purple IMO.

Hope you are all doing well.

Oh and while on a vampire topic any True Blood fans out there, loving season 3!

E x

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bare faced! FOT(other)D

Hey there peeps

Just a quick post today. I’ve not been well of late, I’m sick of saying that. I have this flu/cold/stomach bug which won’t seem to shift. I’ve just had a sleep and still feel rough. But anyway, feeling sorry for myself aside, I thought I would post a quick FOT(other)D.

I had been wearing bright colours the day before so decided to go totally for nudes. On my eyes I used my Kat Von D Ludwig palette, Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara. For the lips I used an Illamasqua Lipstick in Bitch. It was kinda nice to go “bare” for a change.

Oh and sorry for me looking so torn faced in the photos, it was the only decent photo I got as I only had a quiet sec to get snapping.

I'll hopefully be back to normal soon and get posting some more.

E x

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Revlon Matte win and MUA fail

Hey there folks
Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while. I’ve had some time off work so I have been out and about doing things and just generally chilling out with family and Mr E. It’s been lovely.

I’ve had a couple of little spends of late (which I will post about) but before I forget I just wanted to recap on the matte colours I wanted as a brow highlight (see previous post) and show you this little booty.

Firstly the winner for me and absolute perfect colour is a Relvon Matte shade in 001 - Vintage Lace. I love it. I bought a couple of these matte shades when I was in the states and wasn’t overly impressed but certainly good for the price. This literally just caught my eye in Superdrug and I am over the moon that it did. Affordable, the ideal colour and matte, what more can I ask for?

Secondly is the MUA colours. Now for a £1 I can’t really expect a hell of a lot but to be honest I would rather save up my pounds and get something better. For example the Sleek palettes are only £5.99 for several colours and are of better quality IMO. I bought shade 6 and 17. A green and biege. The biege doesn’t really do anything. I may use it in the crease if I wanted a natural looking contour but it would probably require several layers. The green I used in a recent FOTD and you can see in the photos that it has already started to crease - and that was with a lot of blending and a base underneath. It does have a nice sheer quality which I sorted liked but not enough to keep using it on a regular basis.

Lastly I bought a couple of cheap brushes. Both around £3 I think. Now I don’t have piles of cash so my brushes tend to be cheap to mid range (ELF brushes etc). The QVS brush I really like and have a few of these. I like the size for placing the colour and they wash well. The Superdrug brush was a new buy and a bit of a waste. Waaaaay to stiff to be a blending brush but I will use it for something no doubt.

Also just wanted to say that I have noticed that I am creeping up to the 250 followers mark. Once I do hit that magic number I will have another wee give away. Going to try and make something again for this one plus a bit of MU obviously. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to my followers and to anyone taking time out to read my scribbles.

More posts soon I promise.

Have a great weekend !

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Inexpensive FOTD

I thought I would do an inexpensive FOTD.

Face wise I used Barbara Daly make up, foundation, eyeshadow base and concealer. The foundation I like. It’s very fresh and feels light on the skin. The eyeshadow base I love, I use it everyday (pulling out the expensive stuff for nights out). I ran out of it the other week and couldn’t get to Tesco to get another. Felt a little lost with out it, when I did get to the shop I bought two! At four pounds I think this is great value and really helps keep my eyeshadow put all day. The concealer I’m not a huge fan of, it tends to sink into lines after a few hours. I have buffed it right into the skin and still find that this happens. However in fairness I am comparing it to Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer! Blusher wise I used a Boots No7 colour from a compact I have.

On the eyes I used a Revlon matte pale colour as a brow highlight (£4.99) and then two MUA’s eyeshadows on the crease and lid. At only £1 each they are not the most fantastic of shadows but for the price they are workable. I did find the colour creased quite easily (in fact I think it shows in this photo) but if creasing doesn‘t bother you then why not. I just took a little blending brush in my make up bag in my hand bag and gave it a little extra blend when needed. I don’t think I would buy the MUA eyeshadows again but still fun to use. I will blog about these next.

On the lips I used a Maybelline water shine gloss.

I did this look mainly to try out the new cheap shadows I had bought and just decided to stick to an inexpensive theme. Personally I don’t have a huge amount of cash to be spending on cosmetics every week so it’s good to know there are decent products out there in the cheaper range.

What's your favourite inexpensive product?

E x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Help - Show me the matte!

Hey guys

I need a little help.
I am really pale so as an everyday highlight on my brow bone I tend to use a matte white blended out. For quite some time now I have been using Rimmel's matte white. It's cheap and does the job well. However it's a nightmare to get a hold of. Everywhere I go I can't seem to get my hands on it.

So I thought I would just buy another high street/drug store brand. I don't have the pennies at the moment to be buying MAC or Illamasqua. Plus, I know it may sound daft, but if I'm spending a cit of cash I want something a little more exciting than white. For expensive goods I tend to get colours!

Everywhere I go though it's shimmer, shimmer, shimmer. Nothing matte.

Actually my perfect skin tone colour would be a lightest pale colour in the Bohemian Sleek palette but that was limited addition and I've almost ran out of the colour I have.

So please help folks. Can you point me in the direction of a pale/white cheap matte eyeshadow?

E x

Monday, 2 August 2010

FOTD - Bronze and Blue

Here’s a quick face of the day.

I went for a bronzey blue look. I used a Rimmel cream base in a light bronze colour just for the shadow to have something to grab on to. I then used the matte dark brown mixed with the gold shadow from my Sleek Storm palette on the middle of the lid with a tiny amount of Illamasqua‘s bronze liquid metal. I then used the dark shimmery blue from the same palette on the inside and outside corners. Blended away, black liner on the water line, a pale skin tone of shadow on the brow bone and some mascara and done.
Everything else I left really pale. I quite like it and might wear it again. Gotta love having a bit of a play with make up.

Hope you had a great weekend and Monday treats you well.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Photo from my life

Haven't done one of these for a while.

My best mate from Uni met up for the weekend and we did a few arty farty things. One of which was viewing some of Antony Gormley's sculptures.

Had a brilliant weekend, hope you guys did too.

E x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Off topic - Crochet granny scarf

Off topic post here - soz
Some of you might already know from previous posts that I am learning to knit and crochet. Crochet has been my main focus of late. It works up so much quicker than my knitting but I do want to learn both. When I first started to learn I bought a whole bunch of acrylic yarn which is cheaper. I didn't want to waste expensive yarn on my first crappy attempts. Now that I am more confident (with the crochet at least) I am left with a whole bunch of acrylic stuff to use up before I can justify buying more expensive supplies.

So I found the pattern for and made this. Mr E said I looked "foreign" in it which made me laugh. I might make another in different colours.

On the some topic folks I've decided that I will do some sort of give away soon with something that I have made. Depending on how keen people are to join in that is. I was thinking of some sort scarf or cowl so size (like a hat) doesn't matter.
Hope you are all doing well - it's nearly Friday Wooo Hoooo

Monday, 26 July 2010

FOT(other)D and a Smashbox Fail

Hey there peeps,

Hope you are all keeping well. I’ve not been too great of late. Got a bit of a stomach bug which has been fun.

As I was looking whiter than white the other day I thought I would go with it and try a deep lip, pale face look.

Also as my previous post stated I have recently stepped into the world of Twilight. Love it or hate it it’s everywhere. Any way I know I am late to this party. So here is a FOT(other)D. Embracing my vampire pale skin! Tee hee

I used a pale skin tone shade on the lids just to even them out colour wise. A tiny, tiny reddy brown from a Sleek palette in the socket and the black liner from my Smashbox palette.

On this note I have to say I am not keen on the Smashbox palette at all (see previous post). The colours seem so washed out and thin compared to my beloved Bobbi Brown gel liners. They also don’t last as long as the BBs, creasing and fading as the day goes on. I ’m kinda gutted to be honest as I wanted this for so long. Really wanted to love the product but unfortunately I don’t. Feels like a bit of a waste of cash really. Will be sticking to my BB’s from now on. Anyone else tried this? What’s your thought on it?

The lippie is Illamasqua’s Diablo, gotta love that name, which I should wear more often as I love it, used with a Barry M deep purple lip liner.

Touch of mascara and a tiny touch of blusher (I really was super pale).

So what’s inspired you of late?

E x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Twilight or not to Twilight...that is the question

So folks (don‘t worry ,no spoilers about the movies or the books),

Where do you sit in the Twilight debate. Lover or Hater?

For a long time I have avoided all things Twilight. Partly due to the fact that I am a long time Buffy fan and I just couldn’t get on board with the twinkling vampires walking about in the day time and partly because it was just EVERYWHERE! If you live in the UK you might know what I mean when I say it was like seeing Katie Price everywhere, just too much.

Now with that said part of me also wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was certainly curious. Then Michael Sheen announced that he was going to be in the second movie. Now that I HAD to watch. I love him and to see him as a vamp….well…Hello! In order to watch it though I needed to see the first movie right. So I watched, enjoyed (apart from a few parts that were a bit too OTT lovey dovey wise IMO, and I wasn’t too keen on the fighting style in the first movie, although these were all small things).

I started to chat to the girls in work that were fans and finally got round to seeing the second movie. Only compliant - NOT ENOUGH MICHAEL SHEEN. ;)

So now I think was about the time I was hooked. I went to see the third movie last week and have got my hands on the first three books (still need to get the fourth).

So what about you guys? Are you a fan.

Oh and I’m Team Edward! Lol

E x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hey there folks

In my previous post I said I would share a couple of photos of my latest Illamasqua buy on.

Well here they are. With out flash above and with flash below. The application was a little slap dash as I was trying to catch the natural light (it's been really dull for the last few days).

Box is still my favourite Illamasqua lipstick so far (Lipstick Rules loves it too) but this is a close second. I used to only do a bold lip once in a while but now I am going for it more often and with products like these it's easy to get addicted!

Are you a bold lip girl?
E x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Illamasqua Joy

After my Illamasqua disaster with the gorgeous Matter eyeshadow when moving I thought I would share with you the other the product that I got with my discount. Thankfully this survived the fall.
Salacious lipstick. A matte bright fushcia that I am LOVING. It's super bold so I would only wear it with a very simple eye. I will take a photo of this on soon. Like the other Illamasqua lippies that I own the pigment is amazing. They are very long lasting. I have only tried the matte finishes, purely by accident, so I think my next purchase might have to be a different one for a change. Although the next lipstick that has my eye is a MAC one.
So folks, what's your favourite Illamasqua lipstick or is there a colour you covet?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Illamasqua disaster!

Hey there folks,

Hope you guys are all doing well (almost Friday!).

Just before I move house I got an email from the lovely folks at Illamasqua. I had entered their nail polish competition and had got down to the final 50. As a little gift I got 25% off products for a set time. As we were moving I felt a bit cheeky buying expensive make up but Mr E said to treat myself. Well he didn't have to tell me twice. Nice one.

One of the products I bought was "Matter" a gorgeous gun metal gray eye shadow that I had wanted for quite some time. So a few days later it was mine. Here is was...lovely.

And here it is after our move! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hadn't even had a chance to wear it. It, and several other expensive product feel out of a box and down a flight of stairs. I lost a whole bottle of High Beam from Benefit that just smashed into a hundred pieces. Luckily a couple of other Illamasqua products survived the fall onto concrete (says a lot for the packaging).

I don't know what to do. Do I crush it down? I've never pressed shadows before and I'm not sure where to get, our how expensive, the tools are to do so.

Any suggestions folks?

E xxx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Internet how I have missed you

Hey there guys!

Well I'm been in the process of moving for the last week hence the lack of posts. Today we got our internet connected YIPEE! Still have lots to move and sort out but we are going to give it a rest for a little while. Hopefully this means some blogging time.
I also have a make up related moving disaster story! Not good.

Any way I will be back soon, hope you are all well in the blogging world.

E x

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Positive thoughts and love

This is a totally off topic post.

I just wanted to take five minutes out to say that I don't get this world at times. I can't go into details but someone very close to me has had something awful happen and it just isn't fair.

A co worker of mine also passed away last week to cancer. Something which I know a little something about having lost a family member to this horrible disease.

Why do awful things happen to such wonderful people. It's truely not fair.

I try to stay positive, which can be hard at time like these. Therefore I just wanted to send out some love and say if you are going through a tough time right now I hope that goodness comes its way soon. Consider this a virtual hug!

I hope life send you something wonderful soon.

E x

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blue eyed EOTD

Quick EOTD for you folks.

I asked Mr E to pick my eyeshadow colour the other day as I couldn’t decide. He went with blue so this is what I did. I used "Shadow Insurance" as my base as it was melting hot. I then used a mixture of two sleek colours. One from the Bohemian palette and the other from Acid. To line the waterline I used a medium pencil from Illamasqua in Debonair. Mascara wise I used my trusty Maybelline Volume Express, two coats.

Shadow Insurance never fails to impress me, this lasted all night in heat with no creasing!

Face wise I kept it simple, touch of blusher and bronzer to define and I used one of the free Jemma Kidd lipglosses I got with Red magazine (the pale nude one).

Oh and talking of Illamasqua, I got an email saying that I got down to the last 50 in their nail polish competition. Super chuffed considering there were 6000 entries! The winning colours are gorgeous.

Hope you have had a great weekend folks. I’ll be moving soon so I will might be AWOL for a while. Will try to post when I can get online.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Thank you Google

Thank you google for helping fix the blogger problems I was having!

After searching through forums and hints any tips I got the answers to the Html problems I was having.

Blogger high five!


Barry M Lip Joys

Hey there peeps,

Well as you can see I am still having layout problems. I’m getting fed up trying to fix it to be honest. I’ve tried so many things. I am going to get googling and see if I can find any hints on what to do.

But any way onto the make up.

A while back I got myself some Barry M lip products. I believe there was an 3 for 2 offer on at the time in Boots. Although it aint like I need much of an excuse to buy products. I like Barry M, I think for the price they do some great little numbers and I adore their Nail Paints. For me they last longer on my nails chip free than any other polish, including Nails Inc each with a top coat. My only wish is that they would bring out some paler colours. I love my vivid nail colours but I work in an environment where it’s just not the done thing. In fact it’s pretty much ruled out (poo).

So here are the beauties I picked up.

And some swatches for ya!

Firstly two glosses. Now I’m not a huge gloss fan any more. I have long very thick hair that I tend to wear down most days plus I live in a very windy city. So hair plus wind plus gloss not great. Plus I feel sorry for Mr E every time I kiss him with gloss on, don’t think glittery lips is a look he’s really going for! Lol However these colour caught my eye.

I love nudes and caffe latte colours so this was right up my street. Number 2 or “toffee” as their website calls it is very sheer, a tad sticky but I’m still feeling it. I have to mention the smell, it’s like chocolate and very strong so if you aren’t a fan of scented products stay away. This I tend to wear on it’s own when I’m wearing a strong eye.

Second up is number four otherwise known as Pastel Pink. I have to admit I was a little disappointed as it’s way pale. I’m very faired skinned but this is just too light for me. I’m not a fan of the concealer on the lips look! It does have a fine glitter through it but it's not overly obviously. I noticed more on the swatch on my hand than on my lips. Smell wise we are going strong again, this time it’s like sweeties. I can’t place it but it reminds me of a specific sweet. This I tend to pop over a pink lippie for a touch of highlight and shine.

Last but not least is a Lip Paint. Number 147 or Peachy Pink if you like. It’s super super matte, I can honestly say I kinda forgot about this colour so I’ve yet to wear it for a full day (guess what I’m wearing tomorrow!). It’s not my usual type of colour but if you have read my blog for a while you may know that I was trying to shake things up a bit, I was in a lippie rut. To be honest I’m not seeing the pink in this? Looks peachy orange to me.

So have you tried these folks?

What’s your latest lip purchase?

E xxx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Olay's Total Effect - Totally Sold (also layout problems HELP)

A while back I decided to get myself a decent moisturiser. I had tried various little cheapy numbers that I liked the look or smell of. Nothing however seemed to compete with my E45 cream. I have normal to dry skin and nothing seemed to get rid of those little patches of dryness like good old E45. However it's quite a heavy cream so I didn't use it in the morning. Firstly as I didn't have the time to wait for it to sink in and secondly no SPF.
So off to the shops I went unsure of what to get. I had quite liked the look of Olays Total Effects but I knew it was pricey, Boots at the time had a three for two offer on. Although this would still work out to £32 for the day and night versions so not to be sniffed at price wise. However I thought it might be worth it. Luckily I decided to pop into Superdrug which was literally just next door to see what price they had it at. To my utter joy they had a half price offer on. Therefore I managed to pick up the day and night creams for only £16! All for walking less than 20 feet. Gotta love Superdrug.

So on to the creams. Neither have a scent that I can pick up. Both settle into the skin pretty quickly and are not heavy at all. A little goes a long way too thankfully. Unfortunately with the design of the bottle it's hard to tell how much is actually left. I’ll need to hold them up to a light to see if that helps! It’s a pump design but it’s fairly sensitive so no need to waste product.
Now I know this is expensive stuff and it's hard for me to tell if it's helping with lines and wrinkles as I‘m trying to get in with the creams before the major wrinkles appear (I'm not that old honest!) but I can certainly say that I've seen a change in the way my skin feels. Gone are the dry patches and it's softer than it's been in a long time. I will point out that I do drink lots of water however I did before and still needed E45. I really do think that I will get this again once I run out. Here’s hoping there is an offer on when that happens.

So guys have you tried the stuff? What are your thoughts?

Also please if anyone can help me in regards to the layout problems I am having. For some reason my right hand side bar is stuck at the bottom of the page. When I go to the layout page it shows on the right? Totally confused - HELP!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Layout trouble - HELP!

Hey there folks

I was wondering if anyone could help me.

My layout seems to have gone all weird. The side bar is now at the bottom? When I check the layout it still shows it where it should be. It seems to have gone weird since the template design tool was changed.

Any help on how to sort it would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

E x

Off topic - Crochet and Knitting (would you like it in a giveaway?)

Ok so this has nothing to do with make up. Sorry, totally off topic but never mind.

If you’ve read my blog in the the past you may already know that I was knocked down in February. A guy ran a red light and knocked me over at a crossing. As you can imagine, not fun. I couldn’t walk for weeks and my leg still isn’t fully healed. I class myself as so lucky though, it could have been much worse.

Annny way, as I couldn’t move and had to keep myself entertained I decided to (re)learn to knit. My mum is a knitter and she was making a whole bunch of cute little things for my new nephew. Inspired by this I picked up some knitting needles and got learning. While I was at it I thought I would learn to crochet too. My auntie has done this for years and some of the gorgeous shawls she makes are amazing.

So armed with a couple of how to book and the internet I got to learning. I’m still learning but this is my latest project.

It’s the most complex item I have made to date and it aint perfect but I’m still really pleased with it. I’m going to make another with another type of yarn.

However I did think of making another the same as this to give away on here. Would this be something you guys would be interested in?

E x

Monday, 14 June 2010

Make up to sweat by.

One thing I don’t understand is women that work out in full on make up. In my opinion fake eyelashes just look ridiculous in the gym. I don’t get it. Surely it just can’t be good for the skin.
EDIT - I just want to say that I didn't mean this to sound so harsh. I know a lot of people go straight from work to the gym. What I meant is a don't understand why some people put on full "going out clubbing" make up specifically to go to work out. I can't imagine it to be comfortable. I don't mean to sound judgey about it. Each to their own.

That being said I’m not one to be completely bare faced unless in the house!

I’ve recently started going to a Zumba class, it‘s been great fun. Besides it’s about time I got myself into some sort of exercise!
Obviously I wore next to nothing make up wise but I have to admit three little products were used.

Firstly, for a little eye definition, I used MAC’s liquid last eyeliner. This liner does not move once applied. I think you can pretty much go swimming in this stuff although I have never tried. It takes a little while to dry so you do need to watch out for transfer. As long as you keep your eyes half shut until it dries you are golden. I also love GOSH’s extreme art eyeliner, tis pretty much the same as MAC’s only a few pounds cheaper. Both need an oil cleaner to remove.

Last but not least I used another Maybelline product. Super stay 18 hour wear lipstick. Now I’m not one for these lasts a million hours lippies. I tend to find them really drying (and they look it too without constant top ups of the balm, if you need to do that why not just go with a lipstick?). However they do last hours, I would point out that I stick to pale or taupe colours. As they do start to wear away over the hours. I used a dark red once and I ended up with a very attractive dark red line around my lips. I then tried to top it up with the colour and it turned out all types of patchy. Then trying to remove it was a delight! Not an experience I would like to repeat.

So ladies what do you do when you head off for some exercise? Are you a full on face or fresh like a daisy?

For my lashes I used Maybelline’s Volume Express Turbo Boost. This is my third tube of the stuff! I love it. Thickens and is super black and once again it doesn’t budge! Once again this needs oil to be shifted. Seriously without oil it can still be there in the morning, hello Panda eyes.

Last but not least I used another Maybelline product. Super stay 18 hour Wear Lipstick. Now I’m not one for these lasts a million hours lippies. I tend to find them really drying (and they look it too without constant top ups of the balm, if you need to do that why not just go with a lipstick?). However they do last hours, I would point out that I stick to pale or taupe colours. They do start to wear away in the middle of the lips over the hours. I used a dark red once and I ended up with a very attractive dark red line around my lips. I then tried to top it up with the colour and it turned out all types of patchy - YUCK. Then trying to remove it was a delight! Not an experience I would like to repeat.

So ladies what do you do when you head off for some exercise? Are you a full on face or fresh like a daisy?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Benefit freebie alert for those in the UK

Another magazine freebie alert for those in the UK. You guys may already know this but with this months Glamour magazine you can get your mitts on three Benefit goodies.

I was naughty and picked up all three (hell it was only £6). You get Bad Girl eyeliner, Cover it all stick or an Eye bright pencil. I’ve never tried any of these products and they are all usually quite pricey so I’m glad to be trying them for free-ish!
So get yourself out there and pick up your own freebies! Hope you are having a great week, nearly the weekend folks.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A little moan

Sorry guys to moan but I'm fed up!!! GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr

After weeks of stress at work I now have some sort of sickness bug that has been kicking about. Gutted. I need a break. Calling in sick isn't an option as everyone else is off. At least I have the power of blusher to make me look like I have a bit of colour about me!

So folks what do you do when your not feeling great to cheer yourself up!

Hope you are all well and I will try to get back to proper MU posting once I'm feeling a bit more up to it.

Love E x

Sunday, 6 June 2010

UK magazine freebie alert

Hey there folks,

You may already know this but in case you didn't, with the July issue of Red magazine you get a free Jemma Kidd Lipgloss. There are three colours to chose from (although their website says two but shows an image of three?). A red, pink and nude. I picked up the pink and it's very pretty indeed.

So get yourself down to the newsagents and pick up this brilliant freebie (worth £14!).

Hope you had a great weekend.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Smashbox Splurge

Hey there folks, how you all doing?

I had a little splurge at the weekend. Ooops!

I’m on a major saving no spending ban however Mr E treated himself so I was allowed to get myself a little something too (nice one). My treat is always make up, there is always something I want!
I had gone out with the plan to get my hands on Urban Decay’s lippie “Lovechild”. I've wanted it for months now. However when I got to Debenhams it turns out they no longer stock Urban Decay! Totally gutted as I have gone out of my way to get this lipstick several times and still failed to come home with the goods. They either seem to be sold out, don’t sell a wide enough range to stock it or in this case disappear completely. I think I might have to go online for this purchase.

Any way my sorrow was quickly replaced by utter joy when I saw a Smashbox stand! Eeep! To cut a long story short I sent Debenhams an email a good while back asking if they stocked Smashbox and they said yes but when I got to the store they didn’t. Boo and indeed hiss.

But this time here it was right in front of me. So I got my hands on this -

Proof cream liner palette - In packaging, without and with flash.

I am a HUGE fan of cream/gel eyeliners so this is right up my street. I was tempted by the metallic palette also but at £30 a pop I decided to stick with my original want of “Proof”.

Now my eyes water in the wind so my liner of choice is usually Bobbi Brown’s long wear gel eyeliner. I asked the assistant at the counter how these compare as I had noticed that there was also individual waterproof liners. However she advised that the palette should be long lasting enough for me. I hope she is right.

Now I have only used this twice so far so it’s really difficult for me to judge it but I didn’t feel the pigment was as strong as my trusty Bobbi Brown’s. I really hope this wasn’t a waste of cash.

Have you guys tried any of the Smashbox liners or do you have this palette? If so I would love to hear your opinions. In fact any opinions on Smashbox products would be great as this is my frist purchase from them. I will give it a good try out before I post any judgement. *fingers crossed*