Thursday, 21 January 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts. Things have been all go at the moment. I’m missing my blog reading and seeing what you guys have been up to.

Cosmetic wise I treated myself to a bit of ELF joy the other week. I had been wanting to try out some more of their products as I was quite pleased with the first few things I previously bought. I use their eye brow kit every day as well as the Complexion Perfection. Wasn’t a huge fan of the concealer but liked the highlighter side of it. Also not a massive fan of the blusher and bronzer. However when the offer came up for a free make up kit with any purchase of £15 or over I thought it was about time I got my hands on more.

Firstly I have to talk about the super fast delivery of these goods. Literally ordered it on a Thursday night and it arrived on Saturday morning. Silly quick! So here’s how it turned up. All save, secure and nothing bashed or cracked.

I got myself two make up brushes, one is a smudge brush which is just perfect to blur away liner. The second is an eyeshadow brush. Great brush but I had hoped it was bigger, it was hard to tell on the website. I didn’t notice it they had the measurements on the site, I could have simply missed this. I will get some more but as I’ve just bought a whole bunch of brushes (future post) I will leave that until later.

I also bought two lip stains which I will do a review on later and a black liner which I‘m not too keen on. It did come with a handy sharpener and cost about £1.50 so no biggy. I like if you are after a cheapy black liner Rimmel is the way to go. The Jet Black one I have is super black and cheap.

The free kit funnily enough is my favourite part! The lip glosses I am loving (ok so far I have only tried two but I love them). They set matt which is brilliant and the deep red I am LOVING!!! Did I say this already?
The packet didn’t list the colour names though, which is a bummer if and when I want to re order a specific product. Will have to hunt the website for info on this. I think I will do a post showing the different colours as I am seriously feeling these.

The eyeshadows are neutral enough to be every day wear and I sported the lovely mid gray today and smoked it up.

So folks what’s your favourite ELF product or are you yet to try them.

Hope you are all well! Bring on Friday!

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