Thursday, 25 February 2010

What's your other passions?

This is a random post. After reading Lipglossing’s post about photography it got me thinking about what other hobbies, aside from the love of make up, you folks may have.

I have a new love, as well as my make up obsession, knitting and crochet. My mum taught me to knit when I was young but it had been years since I had picked up a pair of knitting needles. So far I have knitted a very large and pretty basic scarf. Currently working on a slightly more complicated scarf. Crochet has got me properly hook (pardon the pun). I had never learned this before and it’s SUPER easy to learn. I’ve made myself a good few hats and a few baby things for my new little nephew. It’s quicker than knitting so it means you can work up a project in no time at all.

Here’s a hat I made earlier! *points up*

I also love art. I did a degree in painting but haven’t touched a canvas in a long time. This is a combination of a few things, lack of space, money and inspiration. However I am hoping to move within the coming months so I’m hoping this will lead to more space to get my oils on the go.

So peeps what else are you into?


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I had been meaning to try out Benefit's Powderflage for quite some time now. I'm constantly on the look out for anything that might help cover my dark shadows. I've always had dark circles under my eyes. This is probably due mainly to my God awful sleeping pattern. I've never slept well from an early age.
Any way due to this price of this powder I couldn't get it when I was out of work. At £19.50 for the teeniest tiny pot possible it ain't cheap but let's face it Benefit isn't exactly a bargain price brand. I've never been a massive fan to be honest. It's been my opinion that they can be all form and no function. Yes, the packaging is cute and funny but I've never been wowed by their goods. I was pleased with a lipgloss of theirs once but at the price I'd rather head to MAC. Plus now that Illamasqua is around I would much rather spend my pennies there.
So after the crap I have been through recently I decided to treat myself to this little powder. Plus after the lovely Unicorn Smile recommended it teamed with the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer I'm currently using, I was sold. However being 'sold' turned out to the problem! At the weekend I actually went miles out of my way to buy it only to find it's been discontinued! Brilliant, after all that time it's going out the door. I was advised to try another counter or the website. So off to another counter I went yesterday and managed it get one of the remaining four they had.
I was advised that if a product doesn't sell well in the States it gets pulled here regardless to how well it's doing. Annoying, yes but fair enough, the company is out to make money after all.
So this morning I finally got to try this stuff. Hard to judge after one try of course so I will let you know how I get on. Thought I would let you folks know that it'll be leaving shelves shortly if you didn't already know. So if you are a fan go buy it up while stocks last.
Hope you are all doing well.
I'm getting closer to the 100 follower mark so please let me know if you have any ideas for give aways or competitons. What would you be up for?
Oh also it's snowing here again. I am so sick of being cold!
E x x x

Monday, 22 February 2010

Maybe I'm used to it, Maybelline mascaras. Trying something new.

I've been using Maybelline mascara since the dawn of time. I have strayed from the path now and then when something shiny has caught my eye but generally I stay faithful. When it comes to other products I don't tend to stick with any other range in particular. I'm always up for playing the field, trying a new brand, drugstore or otherwise. So I decided to start trying new mascaras to see if I was missing out. With a nature of the beast mascaras only last a short length of time, especially since I use mine everyday. So rather than buy a handful of mascaras to have them all dry up at the same time I've just been buying a new one when my current tube has started to see better days.

The first on the new try out was Rimmel's Sexy Curves. I’m guessing like most of you I was hearing good things about this on the web. Now my eyes water in windy and cold weather, so living in Scotland I always have to wear waterproof. Anything other would just be silly. Now I don't know if this would have made a huge difference to how I found the product but I really wasn't keen. It seemed really thick, almost dried out looking. I even bought a second tube a while later as I thought I had perhaps picked up one that had been opened and had dried out on the shelf. Alas no, the second tube was exactly the same. Has anyone else found this?

Now I am a sucker for money off deals. So when I was out and about at the weekend I noticed that Max Factor’s Lash Extension Effect had £3 off. Cha ching, it was in my basket. Now considering that I have only used it for two days I have to say I’m am liking this muchly. The wand is has many a thin lovely bristle to grab every tiny lash. No blobbing what so ever. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Will let you know how I get on with this.

So what is your mascara of choice? Are there any that you suggest I try?
Hope you are all doing well.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Barbara Daly - I'm feeling it!

While wondering around Tesco’s I decided to liven the weekly shop boredom I treat myself to some Barbara Daly make up. With lipsticks coming in at a fiver it’s not an expensive brand so I got myself three products. I know Pixiwoo had talked about the range in one of her videos so tempting me wasn't difficult. Tempting me to try any range isn't hard though! hahaha

First up I purchased a bottle of oil-free foundation in Ivory. I had been wanting to try a new foundation as I’ve yet to find one I’ve fallen in love with. It’s light weight with a light/medium coverage I would say. It smells super fresh and blends into the skin so easily. I’ve never used a foundation with such a lovely smell. It seems more like a fresh face mask than make up. It has a little wand applicator which is simple enough to dot the product on. I certainly would purchase it again without a doubt. What annoyed me with Tesco was the lack of mirrors. Yes they had a tester but how can you check it along your jaw line with no mirror to look in. I didn't have a compat mirror with me so I guessed and luckily it worked!

Second up is the eyeshadow in Taupe. The pigmentation isn’t hugely strong and I find it takes a good few layers to build up a colour however it’s worth it. I always use base with shadows so this helps grip the colour. Perhaps the other colours might work a bit better, what an excuse to try again right?

Lastly is the lipstick in Innocent. Fresh and clean looking, perfect for every day wear. It's one of those lippies that you don't feel like you have anything on. My lips but better feeling.

Here's a quick easy and very simple FOTD with these products. I added a little Bobbi Brown long wear gel eye liner a touch of blush. I do adore my bright kick ass colours but it is nice to go back to basic and simple looks.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A massive thank you, suggestions and a bit of random

I just waited to take a little time out to do a thank you post and ask for your suggestions.

I have noticed that I’m slowly creeping my way to the 100 followers mark. This is so amazing to me. I started my rambles mainly so I could comment on other peoples blogs. However this stuff is mighty addictive but I never thought I would get to this point.

I was searching for a job when I created my blog. Therefore I had plenty of time on my hands and needed something to cheer myself up. I had never been unemployed before and I was finding it tough. After going to the US for a little while I came back to find jobs few and far between. This place gave me a whole bunch of at home beauty treats and tiny budget wonders. The blog world gave me a whole bunch of happy and I‘m very grateful. Knowing that I am not alone in this make up obsession helps too! Tee hee

I have met a mass amount of wonderful people on here. Lets face it peeps, the web isn’t known for that. So not only do I want to thank people that take the time to read my stuff but a thank you to those out there posting away. I have loved the read. I adore all your comments on my page and appreciate every one. So thanks.

Now once I do reached 100 followers, regardless to when that happens, I want to do something. Apart from smiling from ear to ear of course! Tee hee

Now since you folks would be the people taking part I thought I would ask you guys what you would like. Would you like a giveaway of some sort, a creative contest or something totally, totally different? Please let me know what you would be keen on. Budget allowing I will try to come up with something you peeps would like.

On another totally random note I’ve recently been learning to crochet and knit. I learned as a child but hadn’t picked up any yarn in years. Since I hadn’t been well enough to get up and about I managed to get my hook in action. I made a few hats so I thought I would post a pic of these. Hell, if you like them I could make something for the comp/giveaway.

So thanks again, you rock!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lack of post and a bold lip

Hey there folks,

Firstly I just want to say sorry for the lack of posts and activity in general on here.

Just after my last post I was knocked down on the way to work. I won’t go into too many details but basically I was half way across a crossing when a guy ran a red light and smacked into me. I count myself extremely lucky to not have been hurt worse than I am. I was black and blue all over, cut across the right side of my face and my right leg was stitched up. So as you can imagine I’ve not had much energy for anything of late! Hobbling about has been so glamorous! I am starting to get better so it’s time to get back to things. Also now the cuts on my face are almost completely healed I can start playing with make up again. Yeeha!!!

Now since I’ve not been able to play with eye shadows I have been wearing a strong lip when people have been popping round to visit. I adore, adore, adore the deep red lip gloss that came along in my free ELF gift that I previous posted about.

Here’s what it looked like on. The only problem is I don’t know what the colour is. How will I get my hands on this again once it’s run out? I have tried the website to see if I could find the name for it but no joy.

I do plan to treat myself to a MAC Russian Red and an Illamasqua Box lippie soon. Once I’m up to shopping. Bold lips ahoy! I will find my perfect red.

So I hope you guys have all been well. I’m glad to be back in the blog world. How I have missed the cosmetic joy. Looking forward to reading all your posts.


Monday, 1 February 2010

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Loving

Recently I decided to treat myself to a fancy concealer. My splurge of choice was Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer. I decided to have my colour selected by the lovely very helpful girl on the BB counter.

Thankfully I did as the colour I would have went with was way off. I guess I just always assume that I am the lightest colour as I feel so pale all the time. The colour I ended up with is Cool Sand and it’s a perfect match. Far darker than I thought.

At £16 per teeny pot it aint the cheapest cover up out there but I’m liking it. It is super pigmented and certainly hides those dark circles and blemishes a treat. A little goes a long way so I don’t feel so bad about the price. My only complaint is that it is mega thick. Putting moisturiser on before applying is a must. It can start to settle in lines after some time so I try to pop it on as thinly as possible.

So folks have you tried this stuff? Is there any miracle concealers you would suggest I try?

Hope you are all doing well.
Take care.