Thursday, 18 February 2010

Barbara Daly - I'm feeling it!

While wondering around Tesco’s I decided to liven the weekly shop boredom I treat myself to some Barbara Daly make up. With lipsticks coming in at a fiver it’s not an expensive brand so I got myself three products. I know Pixiwoo had talked about the range in one of her videos so tempting me wasn't difficult. Tempting me to try any range isn't hard though! hahaha

First up I purchased a bottle of oil-free foundation in Ivory. I had been wanting to try a new foundation as I’ve yet to find one I’ve fallen in love with. It’s light weight with a light/medium coverage I would say. It smells super fresh and blends into the skin so easily. I’ve never used a foundation with such a lovely smell. It seems more like a fresh face mask than make up. It has a little wand applicator which is simple enough to dot the product on. I certainly would purchase it again without a doubt. What annoyed me with Tesco was the lack of mirrors. Yes they had a tester but how can you check it along your jaw line with no mirror to look in. I didn't have a compat mirror with me so I guessed and luckily it worked!

Second up is the eyeshadow in Taupe. The pigmentation isn’t hugely strong and I find it takes a good few layers to build up a colour however it’s worth it. I always use base with shadows so this helps grip the colour. Perhaps the other colours might work a bit better, what an excuse to try again right?

Lastly is the lipstick in Innocent. Fresh and clean looking, perfect for every day wear. It's one of those lippies that you don't feel like you have anything on. My lips but better feeling.

Here's a quick easy and very simple FOTD with these products. I added a little Bobbi Brown long wear gel eye liner a touch of blush. I do adore my bright kick ass colours but it is nice to go back to basic and simple looks.


  1. The Barbara Daly concealer in the little pot used to be my HG concealer, such good value and coverage!! xx

  2. Long time blog lurker,

    just wanted to say finally, someone else who gets the Barbara Daly love. Her foundation is my staple.

  3. Rainbowdust33- I haven't tried her concealer as yet, this may have to change! :) x

    Daisychain - That's for commenting sweetie. I am loving her foundation and can see me using it for a while. The smell is lovely. Sometimes foundations can put me off with their makeupy smell (if that makes sense!)


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