Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A massive thank you, suggestions and a bit of random

I just waited to take a little time out to do a thank you post and ask for your suggestions.

I have noticed that I’m slowly creeping my way to the 100 followers mark. This is so amazing to me. I started my rambles mainly so I could comment on other peoples blogs. However this stuff is mighty addictive but I never thought I would get to this point.

I was searching for a job when I created my blog. Therefore I had plenty of time on my hands and needed something to cheer myself up. I had never been unemployed before and I was finding it tough. After going to the US for a little while I came back to find jobs few and far between. This place gave me a whole bunch of at home beauty treats and tiny budget wonders. The blog world gave me a whole bunch of happy and I‘m very grateful. Knowing that I am not alone in this make up obsession helps too! Tee hee

I have met a mass amount of wonderful people on here. Lets face it peeps, the web isn’t known for that. So not only do I want to thank people that take the time to read my stuff but a thank you to those out there posting away. I have loved the read. I adore all your comments on my page and appreciate every one. So thanks.

Now once I do reached 100 followers, regardless to when that happens, I want to do something. Apart from smiling from ear to ear of course! Tee hee

Now since you folks would be the people taking part I thought I would ask you guys what you would like. Would you like a giveaway of some sort, a creative contest or something totally, totally different? Please let me know what you would be keen on. Budget allowing I will try to come up with something you peeps would like.

On another totally random note I’ve recently been learning to crochet and knit. I learned as a child but hadn’t picked up any yarn in years. Since I hadn’t been well enough to get up and about I managed to get my hook in action. I made a few hats so I thought I would post a pic of these. Hell, if you like them I could make something for the comp/giveaway.

So thanks again, you rock!


  1. Love the hats:) I am waring one like that (shop bought and cadbury's purple!) Yours are cooler!

    Congrat on the followers and your blog- I thnk I was similar as in my work was quite quiet hen I started blogging. Strange how we both found each other at the same point! I love your blog and posts- maybe one day we'll get to meet up?!! :) Emma x

  2. Congratulations -- well deserved. It will only continue to grow as your blog rocks!

    I love the hats -- wish I could do that! :-)


  3. Awww thanks guys. I hope you both know that you are two of the loveliest people I have met on the blog world. Hugs to you both.

    And yes Emma, would be wicked to meet up at some point.


  4. Aww :) I just reread my comment and realised that I sooo didn't proof read that one!! Woops. Sorry! x


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