Thursday, 25 February 2010

What's your other passions?

This is a random post. After reading Lipglossing’s post about photography it got me thinking about what other hobbies, aside from the love of make up, you folks may have.

I have a new love, as well as my make up obsession, knitting and crochet. My mum taught me to knit when I was young but it had been years since I had picked up a pair of knitting needles. So far I have knitted a very large and pretty basic scarf. Currently working on a slightly more complicated scarf. Crochet has got me properly hook (pardon the pun). I had never learned this before and it’s SUPER easy to learn. I’ve made myself a good few hats and a few baby things for my new little nephew. It’s quicker than knitting so it means you can work up a project in no time at all.

Here’s a hat I made earlier! *points up*

I also love art. I did a degree in painting but haven’t touched a canvas in a long time. This is a combination of a few things, lack of space, money and inspiration. However I am hoping to move within the coming months so I’m hoping this will lead to more space to get my oils on the go.

So peeps what else are you into?



  1. I have a hat in that colour! Yay! I find these crotchet hats so warm to wear. I think I'm goign to learn how to make one! Looks fab! x

  2. I love your hat!

    I started to teach myself how to knit/sew around a year ago. Now my knitting bag/sewing machine are just sitting there gathering dust as I don't seem to have enough time to sit and do it at the moment!

    I do wish there was more hours in the day sometimes! I need to dig them out again soon and try and make some time for them. x

  3. Thanks ladies,
    I have to admit I am addicted to it all at the moment. Finding time is hard like you say but I'm loving it.


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