Monday, 29 March 2010

Following Freebies - 100 Followers Give Away

Hey there folks.

As promised I am doing a little give away after hitting a hundred followers. I am making this hat

but in spanking pink to be added in to the gifts too. However I'm still in the middle of making it so no photo as yet. I wanted to get the give away up and running however as my access to the big old internet will be limited for the next wee while.

EDIT - Meant to say guys that the hat and make up in the photos are my own. The make up you could win are unopened. In fact I did open the Sleek Palettes once just to check that none of the shadows were cracked etc.

So on with the prizes/gifts. As stated before it's bought by the bank of me so they are high street purchases but I hope you guys like them. As this is a give away for my blog I have picked products that I use regularly. Although looking at the colours I think they would suit most people.

Firstly we have two Sleek eyeshadow palettes. "Storm" I use every week without fail. In fact I have two if them as I have already gone through the mid brown matte colour. The gold is also a favourite. If the winner is new to the Sleek brand or perhaps live outside the UK and hasn't tried these before, the fantastic Pixiwoo has a video featuring this palette, if you are looking for ideas on how to wear the colours.
The second palette is their new "Bohemian" shadows, which I am sure you will have seen talked about all over at the moment. I won't do a review on this as I know there are plenty out there written far better than I could. Plus I’ve not have a chance to properly try it out. I did try the browny purpley gray out yesterday and was quite keen.

Along with these the winner will get two Barry M dazzle dusts.

Now I own a few if these and have to admit I hardly touch them. I'm not keen on the staying power of most of the colours I have tried. With that said these two are different. If you are a blue eyed girl "Bronze" (right in the photo, number 44) is so striking and really makes blue eyes stand out. The second is a more recent purchase "Old Gold" (left in the photo, number 24). This I love teamed over the top of a black base with some black liner.

So there it is, the above with the soon to be finished hat are up for grabs.

So here come the rules.

1) Gotta be a follower folks. This giveaway is for the people who come on here and take the time out to read my rambles. (EDIT) Newbies to my page are of course welcome to join in. The more the merrier. However please don’t just sub for competitions as I know some people do, it sucks all the fun out of it. I will check if the winner is a follower.

2) It is open to the international waters! No matter where you are on the planet you can join in. However this will be posted via surface mail so may take it’s sweet time getting to you.

3) Young peeps. If you are under the age of 16 please, please, please ask who ever you stay with if it is ok to join in as I will need your address to post the prize to. This is the internet after all. In fact, regardless of age if you are living under a roof that aint yours please check it’s hunky dory to be giving out the address.

4) The winner will be picked at random.

5) The give away is open from now until the 30th of April as I‘m not sure what the response will be like, thought I better give it some time. Once the winner is announced they will have 4 days to contact me or I draw again.

So how to enter -

For 1 entry simply comment on this post and ONLY this post. It can be as easy as saying “Hell yes count me in” or please put something that you like about my page or something you would like to see more of, it would be appreciated. One comment per person please. Multiple comments will still just count as one entry.

For 3 entries do the previous step and also post about my give away on your own blog. If you are doing this please leave the link in the comment too so I can go to your post.

Well I think that is all folks.

Monday is over! Woo hooo

E xxx

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Smooth Operator

I got my hair cut the other week after what felt like an age. It sorely needed it. I’ve gone to the same hairdresser for a while now. My hair is very thick, long and has a mind of it’s own. It’s not straight and not curly but has the wavy thing going on. It can get very frizzy looking and as with most curly/wavy hair doesn’t naturally have much shine. Therefore I am always on the look out for serums and protective products. I do straighten my hair from time to time but day to day I tend to only do the top section. I have to use full on heat to get it to do anything so I try to do as little as possible. Gone are the days of fighting against it as I did as a teenager and work with what I have.

I am a sucker for buying products when I get my do done at the salon. This trip I came away with Kerastase - Sérum Oléo-Relax. Around £12 a bottle it’s not cheap but then neither is the rest of the brand. I am super impressed though. The website does state it is for fine to medium hair but it does work on my thick locks. It really does calm my tresses down. I can see this being a repurchase for sure. I do also want to get my hands on Paul Mitchell serum as I heard this is a great smoothing product too.

I get the colour done next week and I am can’t wait. It’s gone way too dark with over colouring for my liking.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pin Up Pout - Shout Out Award and Give Away News

Pin Up Pout - Shout Out

Well this post has long been overdue. I had planned to do these shout outs monthly but I'm thinking I will just post them as and when. Any way, for any of those that hadn't read previous pin up posts (there has been two)I made a little award a while back. *points to image on top right hand of page*. I don't actually think of it as an award, more of a high five or fist bump across this blogging community. Award seems to be the term round these parts so I just went with it.

So on with the show. The next lovely lady to get this is Lipglossiping.

Now many of you guys will already know if not already be following her blog. If not, get thyself off toot sweet and get reading and enjoying. Awaiting you is a jammed packed juicy blog. A regular poster with an upbeat nature. I think the main thing I love about her page isn't just the great reviews and cracking photos but the sense of humour she brings to it. Showing personality throughout her writing.

So I asked the lady herself to spare a few moments and answer some random questions.

Q. Who (or what) makes you properly belly laugh?

My 10 mth old daughter's laugh. She sounds *exactly* like the Gran out of the Catherine Tate Show! It's ridiculously wicked, slightly menacing but mostly just infectious as hell. Oh, and Moz from the IT crowd.

Q. What’s your favourite movie of the last year?

I don't really watch films and can't remember the last time I went to the cinema. No wait, Mr. L has just reminded me. The last film I saw was The Bank Job, which was about 2 years ago. It was alright.

Q. Top celebrity crush?

Can I have two? Um... Roger Federer is one. Is that embarrassing? I don't think I've ever told anyone about my Federer crush. The other one is Josh Holloway but I think everyone fancies a bit of Sawyer right?

Q. Trend you just can’t get your head around (and wish it would go away)?

This might be a bit controversial but I hate pastel nails. They aren't ever gonna go away, they'll keep coming back Spring after Spring.... but they always look so damn chalky to me!

Q. Your guilty pleasure?

Staying up FAR too late, playing with makeup whilst blogging and tweeting. I always pay for it the next morning, thank goodness for under-eye concealer!

Q. Cosmetic item you think everyone should own and why?

I've just bought my first Bare Minerals Blush in Promise and it is to die for. I haven't had the chance to feature it yet, but I can't stop wearing it. I apply with a stippling brush and it gives me a beautiful flush of pink guava goodness. If it looks good on my cool-skintone, I'm positive it'll be a universally flattering shade.

Q. What outfit or item of clothing makes you feel super glam?

Honestly? Anything that's *just* had the tags removed. Am I the only one who 'gets' that? When you first buy something, you can't wait to put it on and feel especially gorgeous that first time you wear it! Then the feeling fades and before you know it, it's in a heap on the floor along with everything else.

Q. What song or album is constantly on repeat in your house at the mo?

It's usually either Janis Joplin - Pearl (me), Sam Cooke - Portrait of a Legend (Mr. L) or The Clash - London Calling (me). I'm secretly 67.

Q. What made you want to blog and what are your favourite parts about it?

I was 8 and a half months pregnant when I started Lipglossiping. I'd had a photography blog for a couple of years before that which had fizzled out as I'd become more heavily pregnant and less able to get out and about to take photos. Lipglossiping was/is an amalgamation of some of my greatest loves in life (photography and makeup).
Oh, I have 3 favourite aspects! Can I name them all? My favourite things about blogging are creating connections with people who completely understand the subtle nuances between my 18 taupe eyeshadows. I adore getting free beauty products to consider for review, I'd be lying if I didn't consider that a fabulous perk... but my number one favourite thing about blogging is seeing my readership grow. It swells me with pride. I don't really understand it - but that makes me appreciate it all the more!

Q. Tell us about another passion of yours.

Well, I've already mentioned photography, but I've been into it for around 5 years now. I'd never go pro because I don't have the right kind of personality for the job and there's too many people like me with a big camera who go round touting themselves as professionals. Way to ruin someone's wedding photos right? Plus, I'm kinda shy, hard to hear and talk too fast. I couldn't do the whole "everyone say cheese!" stuff very well.

A MASSIVE thank you to Lipglossiping for agreeing to do this. To go straight to her blog just click the award image in the top corner or the link on her name.

Also, in other news ;) - Little update on my give away. I bought some prizes and making another ;)

I'm probably going to do this about the middle to the end of next week. I’m thinking it will be open for a few weeks. Firstly as I have no idea how many folks will enter and secondly as there will be a week where I won't be online much. Plus if you are anything like me and have to squeeze in time to blog it's easy to miss a post. Does anyone else think that blogger ain't so user friendly?

Here comes the weekend folks!


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lip Service - Boots No7 and a FOT(other)D

I'm all about lips at the moment. Lipsticks have been my purchase of choice lately. As much as I do love a great lipgloss I'm a long thick haired lady living in a windy city. Lip gloss and hair don't seem to mix too well, well I suppose technically they mix very well! However gluing my do to my face ain't really a look I want. Saying that I do still own many a gloss, it's an addiction people, what can I say?

Lately I've picked up a few No7 lipstick numbers from boots due to those handy little five pound off vouchers. My favourite colour is Waterlily, I heart it muchly (pictured above with flash and below in natural light).

I had a No7 compact set left over from Christmas that contained this colour and instantly fell in love with it. However the compact isn't small so reapplying wasn't an option without lugging it about and carrying a lip brush (the brushes in the set are all kinds of rubbish). I carry enough around all day without adding to it, no thank you I thought. So with my first voucher Waterlily was mine in tube form. Hurrah!

Now so impressed was I with this that I bought a couple more as the vouchers came. In all honesty though I wouldn't have bought these without the money off. At £9 for a lipstick I'd rather save the cash, add to it and head to MAC (still don't own a MAC lipstick! This is wrong people, Russian Red you will be mine). That or head through to Glasgow and hit the Illamasqua counter.

However Waterlily would perhaps tempt me to repurchase even at full price. Perhaps, at a push as I do heart it so. Below is a FOT(other)D. I used a very small amount of shadow and made it more about the liner and lips. Liner was UD 24/7 with a glittery Collection 2000 liner over the top.

Any of you UK ladies been going voucher happy in Boots? ( I see you got a yummy plummy Emma, lovely on you)

E x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Thank you followers and give away ideas

Hey there gorgeous people.

I wanted to post to say a massive thank you to you guys following my blog.

I have now reached the 100 mark, can’t quite believe it.

There are only a couple of people in my day to day life that know about my blog. When I started this page it was mainly so I could add comments to other peoples blogs but I soon got addicted. I like having a little bit of the net that is just mine in a way. I have met so many lovely people through this, it rocks.

So as is tradition in these parts hitting a milestone means a give away.

I asked a couple of posts ago what you folks would like but I didn’t get any responses so if you do have any ideas for doing something a little different let me know. I’m still poorly so my creative hat isn’t in full form at the moment (soz)!

I do have another question for you peeps though. As the giveaway will be funded by the bank of me I need your advice. I’m not a rich person and I am saving at the moment to move so the giveaway with not be buckets full of cosmetics (how good would a bucket size lot of make up be!)

Therefore people would you like a small high end product as the prize or a few High Street numbers?

I also thought I might make another one of the yellow hats I posted previously and add that into the prize.

So if you have any thoughts on the above please leave me a comment.

Thanks once again guys. Your time reading my rambles is very appreciated.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Boyfriend make up roulette

I’ve not been well of late which has meant a lot of time in the house. Therefore make up purchases have been few and far between. Boo and hiss to that indeed!

So on a whim, and to fight my jonesing for new slap, I ask the fella to pick me up a little something make up wise for me when he popped out to the local shops. He’s very understanding of my cosmetic addiction so he was happy to give it a go. Literally gave him a tenner and said to get anything. So new products and a surprise all in one.

So what did he come up with?

Max Factor colour collections lippie in Chili - I heart it. The boy did so well.

Now their website does suggest that this colour is more suited for darker skin tones but I’m keen. I think it’s flattering even on my pale skin. A lovely spicy red with hints of gold through it .

Boyfriend make up roulette was a complete success. There may be a round two.

Nearly the weekend folks. Hope you are all having a great week.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Too Faced - Natural Eye Kit

As much as I love my bright colours I am always super keen on a soft creams and browns. As a blue eyed girl I know that those colours are going to flatter. I’ve never tried any Too Faced products apart from their shadow insurance. That’s not to say I haven’t picked up many a thing from their range and wished it to be mine. This weekend though I totally caved. Completely lost control and pop the Too Faced Natural eye kit in my basket. It had to be mine. The kit contains nine shades in three sections. Day, classic and fashion. There is also a little brush and sponge with it but does anyone ever use these? The kit also contains three cards showing you how to put together the three different sections on the eye. Handy for those new to the world of make up. The day time trio are matte which I am LOVING. I can see me using those colours up quick smart. The others have shimmer through them and look just as stunning.
I used the products today and was very happy with the results. Teamed with my trusty Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner I was good to go.

I’ve only used this once but I heart it already. Super keen to try more products from the Too Faced range.

Have you used any of the Too Faced brand? Are you a fan?

Hope you have had a great weekend.

Monday, 8 March 2010

A high end and high street love.

Lipsticks are my buy of choice at the moment. I have many a colour of eyeshadow but I was feeling in a bit of a lippie rut. This is slowly changing though. Here's a couple of my latest loves.

Box by Illamasqua, I love it. Pure and simple. It’s love.

At £15 for a lipstick this is my high end joy. I treated myself the other week and got my mitts on it. I had been advised it was a great colour that would suit most skin tones and oh my, it's spanking. I’m still not 100% sure of my colouring so finding my ultimate red is a mission at the moment. This must be close. Yes it's not your every day wear. I certainly wouldn't go to work in it but if I could get away with it I would. This super dramatic colour is as bold as you can get. On my pale skin it packs a punch and I can't get enough. I don't care if it's too much. If people stare or think it's OTT, then that’s their problem, I adore it. The pigmentation is full on and the colour is super opaque and matte. Lips need to be in top condition or dry skin gets highlighted. Mine tend to be fine but sometimes they get dry on the very inside of my bottom lip, this really does show any slight flaw but such is the nature of the beast when it comes to bold mattes.

Second up is the high street fun and a far more day time affair. Boots Natural Collection lipstick in Rose Bud.

Super cheap at under £2. I have loved the previous two colours I picked up from this range and this has been no different. Now these colours, as fitting with the collection, are in the neutrals so they are perfect for the office. The three I have all give an almost matte finish. Which is lovely considering most cheapo lipsticks tend to be on the greasy side. I've never been one for mid pinks or rose colours but I really like the look of this and getting me into new colours is the whole point.

So folks, what lippies are you loving at the moment?
Any suggestions for new colours to try?

Hope you are all having a great start to the week.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I'm getting old people!

I'm getting old people. Ok so I’m not quite collecting my pension but I am noticing more lines under my eyes. Good how much I am NOT liking that. Any way another thing I'm getting annoyed at the most are grey hairs that are starting to pop up at my roots. My hair is quite dark and it's beginning to bug me. Ok so it's not a huge deal and it's unlikely anyone else would even notice but I can see them. So what to do?

The main reason it bothers me is the fact that I like having dark hair. Naturally my hair is a mid-brown, I would say. Nice enough but I like having it that shade darker. However this is making the odd grey rascal more noticeable. I can't be bothered dying it every few weeks. If I was going to hit the bottle that often it I'd be a red head. So I’m not sure what to do. I might see if I can go a lighter brown shade and see if that helps. I’m getting my hair cut next week so I’m going to ask about it then.

Any advice guys on colouring?

Oh and the photo of Clooney, well he has grey hair right? Yep that’s a good enough excuse.


Monday, 1 March 2010

What is your limit?

I had decided to treat myself, and treat myself I did. However not quite how I had first planned.

You see I've had a rotten time of late so I thought some retail therapy in the form of some fancy make up was in order. I ended up getting a couple of illamasqua products and the Benefit Powderflage that I've previously blogged about. This wasn't my first choice however. No doubt like many of you out there I have been longing to get my hands on some Beaute products. Namely Masochist and Flouron. I heart them so much. Two gorgeous products that NEED to be in my make up bag.

I was on the website all prepared to purchase but I just couldn't do it. Why? Quite simply, the price. I just couldn't bring myself to spend £47 on two lip products. I know this may seem silly considering I paid £15 for an Illamasqua lipstick but still, that's seven pound difference. I would however spend £25 (the cost of Flouron) on a eyeshadow palette, so really what is the difference.

So my question to you dear folks is 'What is your limit'? At what price do you draw the line? I seem to have met mine.

Now these little stunners will still stay on my wish list as they will go on my 'birthday present suggestion guide' (tee hee) so I may still get my hands on them. When it comes to gifts I tend to ask for things that I wouldn't treat myself too. As a gift I would love it as it not a practical boring thing it's a 'spoiling you treat' which a gift should be in my eyes. Not necessarily what you need but what you WANT. The 'sensible' stuff I can save up for an buy myself.

Hope your week has started well.

Take care folks