Thursday, 18 March 2010

Boyfriend make up roulette

I’ve not been well of late which has meant a lot of time in the house. Therefore make up purchases have been few and far between. Boo and hiss to that indeed!

So on a whim, and to fight my jonesing for new slap, I ask the fella to pick me up a little something make up wise for me when he popped out to the local shops. He’s very understanding of my cosmetic addiction so he was happy to give it a go. Literally gave him a tenner and said to get anything. So new products and a surprise all in one.

So what did he come up with?

Max Factor colour collections lippie in Chili - I heart it. The boy did so well.

Now their website does suggest that this colour is more suited for darker skin tones but I’m keen. I think it’s flattering even on my pale skin. A lovely spicy red with hints of gold through it .

Boyfriend make up roulette was a complete success. There may be a round two.

Nearly the weekend folks. Hope you are all having a great week.



  1. haha, that's an ace idea. Very brave though! I don't know if I'd trust my fella to do that! What if he brought you a foundation that didn't match your skin, haha
    Thumbs up for your boyfriend! xx

  2. The boy did good! He has earned many man points there. Mine has no problem helping me choose things but I doubt he'd ever go makeup shopping alone.

  3. Major pat on the back for him :)
    I really love your blog :) Oooooh, just saw the Tesco own brand in your sin bin, care to say why? Thank you xxx

  4. He has told me that he did just pick it due to the name. He loves all foods spicy! ;)

    If he is up for it I would certainly let him pick something up again.

    DangerouslyBeauty - I bought a couple of lipsticks and an eye shadow pencil from the All about face range and wasn't keen on any of it. The lipstick were so greasy they went straight in the bin. The eyeshadow pencil I actually use as a lipstick so not a total loss. Others have said they love the range though.

  5. I love the lipstick he bought's gorgeous! :) x


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