Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lip Service - Boots No7 and a FOT(other)D

I'm all about lips at the moment. Lipsticks have been my purchase of choice lately. As much as I do love a great lipgloss I'm a long thick haired lady living in a windy city. Lip gloss and hair don't seem to mix too well, well I suppose technically they mix very well! However gluing my do to my face ain't really a look I want. Saying that I do still own many a gloss, it's an addiction people, what can I say?

Lately I've picked up a few No7 lipstick numbers from boots due to those handy little five pound off vouchers. My favourite colour is Waterlily, I heart it muchly (pictured above with flash and below in natural light).

I had a No7 compact set left over from Christmas that contained this colour and instantly fell in love with it. However the compact isn't small so reapplying wasn't an option without lugging it about and carrying a lip brush (the brushes in the set are all kinds of rubbish). I carry enough around all day without adding to it, no thank you I thought. So with my first voucher Waterlily was mine in tube form. Hurrah!

Now so impressed was I with this that I bought a couple more as the vouchers came. In all honesty though I wouldn't have bought these without the money off. At £9 for a lipstick I'd rather save the cash, add to it and head to MAC (still don't own a MAC lipstick! This is wrong people, Russian Red you will be mine). That or head through to Glasgow and hit the Illamasqua counter.

However Waterlily would perhaps tempt me to repurchase even at full price. Perhaps, at a push as I do heart it so. Below is a FOT(other)D. I used a very small amount of shadow and made it more about the liner and lips. Liner was UD 24/7 with a glittery Collection 2000 liner over the top.

Any of you UK ladies been going voucher happy in Boots? ( I see you got a yummy plummy Emma, lovely on you)

E x


  1. That is a beautiful lipstick xx

  2. Ah, thanks hun! This colours looks great on you too! I think I will have to go and investigate with my voucher in hand as we have similar colourings! I hate the hair in gloss momnt too- It happens alllll too often!! :) Hope youre feeling better hun xx

  3. What a gorgeous natural looking colour! My closest Boots is a good half-hour on the train so I still haven't been able to use my one voucher and I bet it'll expire before I get the chance to use it :( but they do these vouchers several times throughout the year don't they so next time I'll be grabbing Waterlily! Thanks :) xo


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