Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pin Up Pout - Shout Out Award and Give Away News

Pin Up Pout - Shout Out

Well this post has long been overdue. I had planned to do these shout outs monthly but I'm thinking I will just post them as and when. Any way, for any of those that hadn't read previous pin up posts (there has been two)I made a little award a while back. *points to image on top right hand of page*. I don't actually think of it as an award, more of a high five or fist bump across this blogging community. Award seems to be the term round these parts so I just went with it.

So on with the show. The next lovely lady to get this is Lipglossiping.

Now many of you guys will already know if not already be following her blog. If not, get thyself off toot sweet and get reading and enjoying. Awaiting you is a jammed packed juicy blog. A regular poster with an upbeat nature. I think the main thing I love about her page isn't just the great reviews and cracking photos but the sense of humour she brings to it. Showing personality throughout her writing.

So I asked the lady herself to spare a few moments and answer some random questions.

Q. Who (or what) makes you properly belly laugh?

My 10 mth old daughter's laugh. She sounds *exactly* like the Gran out of the Catherine Tate Show! It's ridiculously wicked, slightly menacing but mostly just infectious as hell. Oh, and Moz from the IT crowd.

Q. What’s your favourite movie of the last year?

I don't really watch films and can't remember the last time I went to the cinema. No wait, Mr. L has just reminded me. The last film I saw was The Bank Job, which was about 2 years ago. It was alright.

Q. Top celebrity crush?

Can I have two? Um... Roger Federer is one. Is that embarrassing? I don't think I've ever told anyone about my Federer crush. The other one is Josh Holloway but I think everyone fancies a bit of Sawyer right?

Q. Trend you just can’t get your head around (and wish it would go away)?

This might be a bit controversial but I hate pastel nails. They aren't ever gonna go away, they'll keep coming back Spring after Spring.... but they always look so damn chalky to me!

Q. Your guilty pleasure?

Staying up FAR too late, playing with makeup whilst blogging and tweeting. I always pay for it the next morning, thank goodness for under-eye concealer!

Q. Cosmetic item you think everyone should own and why?

I've just bought my first Bare Minerals Blush in Promise and it is to die for. I haven't had the chance to feature it yet, but I can't stop wearing it. I apply with a stippling brush and it gives me a beautiful flush of pink guava goodness. If it looks good on my cool-skintone, I'm positive it'll be a universally flattering shade.

Q. What outfit or item of clothing makes you feel super glam?

Honestly? Anything that's *just* had the tags removed. Am I the only one who 'gets' that? When you first buy something, you can't wait to put it on and feel especially gorgeous that first time you wear it! Then the feeling fades and before you know it, it's in a heap on the floor along with everything else.

Q. What song or album is constantly on repeat in your house at the mo?

It's usually either Janis Joplin - Pearl (me), Sam Cooke - Portrait of a Legend (Mr. L) or The Clash - London Calling (me). I'm secretly 67.

Q. What made you want to blog and what are your favourite parts about it?

I was 8 and a half months pregnant when I started Lipglossiping. I'd had a photography blog for a couple of years before that which had fizzled out as I'd become more heavily pregnant and less able to get out and about to take photos. Lipglossiping was/is an amalgamation of some of my greatest loves in life (photography and makeup).
Oh, I have 3 favourite aspects! Can I name them all? My favourite things about blogging are creating connections with people who completely understand the subtle nuances between my 18 taupe eyeshadows. I adore getting free beauty products to consider for review, I'd be lying if I didn't consider that a fabulous perk... but my number one favourite thing about blogging is seeing my readership grow. It swells me with pride. I don't really understand it - but that makes me appreciate it all the more!

Q. Tell us about another passion of yours.

Well, I've already mentioned photography, but I've been into it for around 5 years now. I'd never go pro because I don't have the right kind of personality for the job and there's too many people like me with a big camera who go round touting themselves as professionals. Way to ruin someone's wedding photos right? Plus, I'm kinda shy, hard to hear and talk too fast. I couldn't do the whole "everyone say cheese!" stuff very well.

A MASSIVE thank you to Lipglossiping for agreeing to do this. To go straight to her blog just click the award image in the top corner or the link on her name.

Also, in other news ;) - Little update on my give away. I bought some prizes and making another ;)

I'm probably going to do this about the middle to the end of next week. I’m thinking it will be open for a few weeks. Firstly as I have no idea how many folks will enter and secondly as there will be a week where I won't be online much. Plus if you are anything like me and have to squeeze in time to blog it's easy to miss a post. Does anyone else think that blogger ain't so user friendly?

Here comes the weekend folks!



  1. 'Tis a very deserving blog indeed :-) x

  2. Hello! I am just starting a blog, I have no followers yet, so I would love it if you followed me! It will be beauty reviews and stuff :) thanks, xxx


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