Monday, 22 March 2010

Thank you followers and give away ideas

Hey there gorgeous people.

I wanted to post to say a massive thank you to you guys following my blog.

I have now reached the 100 mark, can’t quite believe it.

There are only a couple of people in my day to day life that know about my blog. When I started this page it was mainly so I could add comments to other peoples blogs but I soon got addicted. I like having a little bit of the net that is just mine in a way. I have met so many lovely people through this, it rocks.

So as is tradition in these parts hitting a milestone means a give away.

I asked a couple of posts ago what you folks would like but I didn’t get any responses so if you do have any ideas for doing something a little different let me know. I’m still poorly so my creative hat isn’t in full form at the moment (soz)!

I do have another question for you peeps though. As the giveaway will be funded by the bank of me I need your advice. I’m not a rich person and I am saving at the moment to move so the giveaway with not be buckets full of cosmetics (how good would a bucket size lot of make up be!)

Therefore people would you like a small high end product as the prize or a few High Street numbers?

I also thought I might make another one of the yellow hats I posted previously and add that into the prize.

So if you have any thoughts on the above please leave me a comment.

Thanks once again guys. Your time reading my rambles is very appreciated.



  1. I think you should give whatever prize you want to give im sure whoever wins will be happy with anything that you put effort into picking out :) Maybe give away one of your favourite affordable cosmetics to use?

    Congrats on getting 100 subs (now 101 i see) you deserve it!

    Take care xx

  2. Congrats on reaching 100! I agree with Cri Loves Beauty, giveaways are fun regardless of what the prize is! x

  3. Congrats Eliza, fab news.
    I've mentioned you in one of my recent posts xx

  4. I agree as well, it's fun no matter what! As someone from outside the UK I'd love the chance to win Sleek or Barry M products, and from what I understand they're fairly inexpensive? Congrats hun!

  5. Hey Eliza, congrats on hitting the big 100! I agree with the previous comments--anything in a giveaway is fun. Just give things where color matching is not a problem, like nailpolish or eyeshadow. If a giveaway is too pricey right now, you can always put it off until you hit another milestone. Congrats again--love your blog. :)

  6. Thanks folks!
    I think I will go for some High Street numbers. I will have some time to kill after work tomorrow so I might go a prize hunting. Sleek and Barry M would be my first choices so like you said Emily this might appeal to the folks outside the UK.
    Thanks again guys. *hugs*
    E x


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