Monday, 1 March 2010

What is your limit?

I had decided to treat myself, and treat myself I did. However not quite how I had first planned.

You see I've had a rotten time of late so I thought some retail therapy in the form of some fancy make up was in order. I ended up getting a couple of illamasqua products and the Benefit Powderflage that I've previously blogged about. This wasn't my first choice however. No doubt like many of you out there I have been longing to get my hands on some Beaute products. Namely Masochist and Flouron. I heart them so much. Two gorgeous products that NEED to be in my make up bag.

I was on the website all prepared to purchase but I just couldn't do it. Why? Quite simply, the price. I just couldn't bring myself to spend £47 on two lip products. I know this may seem silly considering I paid £15 for an Illamasqua lipstick but still, that's seven pound difference. I would however spend £25 (the cost of Flouron) on a eyeshadow palette, so really what is the difference.

So my question to you dear folks is 'What is your limit'? At what price do you draw the line? I seem to have met mine.

Now these little stunners will still stay on my wish list as they will go on my 'birthday present suggestion guide' (tee hee) so I may still get my hands on them. When it comes to gifts I tend to ask for things that I wouldn't treat myself too. As a gift I would love it as it not a practical boring thing it's a 'spoiling you treat' which a gift should be in my eyes. Not necessarily what you need but what you WANT. The 'sensible' stuff I can save up for an buy myself.

Hope your week has started well.

Take care folks


  1. I don't think I have a limit to be honest but when you say £47 on two lip products that does sound bad doesn't it :( I baulked at buying a Rouge Volupte but I still bought I don't know it depends how much you want something I suppose (bit of a cop out answer there I know lol)

  2. I really wanted a Rouge Volupte but just couldn't part with the pennies. Although I do still pine for one!!!

  3. Hmm... That is a good question! I find that I'm usually unwilling to buy anything that isn't either reduced or in some kind of offer (e.g. buy one get one free) when I'm normally buying cosmetics. I normally ask for gift cards for birthdays/ Christmas and that money is reserved for the high end products I have been lusting after for months. That way I can buy myself something I want without thinking of my poor wounded bank account every time I use it. Weirdly I'm more forgiving about makeup prices than I am about moisturisers.

  4. I personally wouldn't spend over £10 on a lip product x

  5. I never go for high end products, as I think there is so many great drugstore's products out there that do the job as well.

  6. Is that the price for Beaute in the UK? That is crazy high to me. I was able to get Beaute products for more than 50% off when they were discontinuing the line at a local counter near me.

    I'll keep my eye open for any sales in Canada or deals for you.

    I try to establish limits but sometimes it's hard. If it's high end, I do try to find more unique items to justify the price.


  7. I actually don't use high street/drugstore products at all. The majority of my make up is MAC, Illamasqua and a few bits of Bobbi Brown, Lancome, etc. However, I am with you on spending that much for 2 lip colours, that is a lot! I have been wanting some Rouge Buny Rouge for a while now, but I can't spend over £20 on one eyeshadow when I could get 2 MAC ones for that! Especially without seeing them in person!

    I personally think that Illamasqua is well worth the price, the lipsticks may be £15 but you get amazing pigmentation, and you don't need to re-apply like you would with a cheaper one.

  8. Thanks for this guys. Nice to know that I'm not alone at thinking the prices are waaaay too much. It's hard to draw the line.

    @Lipstick rules - Thank you so, so, so, much. If you could keep an eye out. I want them BADLY.


  9. if its mac and i want something, i will buy it because that brand lasts ages. if its drugstore getting close to mac prices, i just buy the mac one cos its guaranteed quality to me.


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