Thursday, 29 April 2010

Magazine freebie shout out

InStyle magazine in the UK is giving away free Nails Inc polishes this month.

A red, pink and browny nude. I grabbed myself two this morning, the pink (Candy - which looks a bit like a pink with a touch of lilac in it) and the browny nude (Mink - which reminds me of chocolate ice cream).
I didn't bother with the red as I have tons of red polish already and I can't wear it at work.

These two beauties are work friendly so I can't wait to try them out (man I miss bright bold colours)

Just thought I would let you guys know if you didn't already.

Gotta love a freebie!

Hey there peeps

Well my first give away on blogger ends tomorrow (midnight GMT) so if you haven't entered here's the final chance. Clink here and see if you get lucky. Forgive me if it takes me a few days to figure out the winner. I'm hoping to have the winner up on the Monday bank holiday here but it all depends on the amount of Internet time I get. Plus I've never used the random org thingy so I need the figure that out. Here's hoping it's user friendly.

I'm so happy that this giveaway has gone down well with you folks. I will definately be planning another in the coming months for my 200 follower mark!

I'm currently trying to crochet something that will hold my lipsticks. I'm sick of them all being piled up in plastic box. Takes forever to rake through them to find the colour I am after and it doesn't look too pretty. So once I have tried to make something, if it is a sucess, I might see if I can make another for this future giveaway. Not only will it be a bit unique (if it works) but personal too.

Also I am about to start (in fact am currently on) a no make up buying ban. I need to save like a demon over the next month. Literally have to watch every single penny. It's not going to be fun but the end result will be worth it. So cosmetic purchases need to cease for while. Let's face it there is nothing I can't live without for a while. I have enough supplies right now!

Once this ban is lifted I already know what I will be running to buy. Illamasqua's liquid metal in Surge. I have the other three metals so surely it's law that I get the forth? I wonder what colour they will come up with next. Tackyblueeyeshadow has shown a great look using this so check it out.

I did purchase a little something last weekend but that is for future blogging.

Hope you are all spiffingly good.

For us UKers I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday. I'm super glad to get an extra day off work.

E x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Twitter me this

Hey there folks,

I've started a Twitter account for make up and random stuff. Follow me if you like (hopefully I will get to grips with it quickly as I tried once and kinda gave up).

I'm under the name ElizaMUJunkie - also can be found through the email on this page.

I've posted a little link dude in the top right hand corner so hopefully that will work too.

If you are on Twitter let me know so I can follow you too!

E x

Discount codes

Hey there folks -

I was sent some discount codes to share with you lovely peeps!


10% off selected orders

Code: fig10off

Expires: 23rd April 2010


10% all orders and free delivery

Code: LN9P

Expires: 30th April 2010


Free standard delivery when you spend £75


Expires: 31st May 2010

Love Your Shoes

10% off all orders


Expires: 30th April 2010

House of Fraser

£5 off beauty and fragrances over £60

Code: BEAUTY10

Expires: 3rd May 2010


10% off beauty orders

Code: PN6P

Expires: 8th May 2010

Hotter Shoes

£5 off all orders


Expires: 10th May 2010

Joules Clothing

Free delivery when you spend £50

Code: PP68

Expires: 2nd May 2010


6% off all orders and 5% off sale items

Code: DB14

Expires: 30th April 2010

EDIT - also been sent the link to the website. Hope this is helpful.

I haven't ordered online from any of these so I can't comment on that. Just thought I would pass them on in case they were of use to you guys.

Off topic and thanks!

Hey there guys

Quick post that is totally off topic..sorry.

I recently finished my first BIG crochet project and boy is it BIG!!!

I made this shawl. I used a different yarn than the pattern so I knew it was going to be bigger but it's MASSIVE. Loving it though. Gives me the confidence to try more complex projects.
Are any of you out there knitters or crocheters

Also noticed that I am now over 200 when it comes to followers. Wow guys, just wow!

Thank you all so much for joining in and following me. This has put a massive smile on my face.

If you haven't read about my give away get in on the action here. Still time to enter and spread the word.

Hope you are all having a great week! Weekend tomorrow Wooo Hooo!
Will get a MU related post up as soon as I can,


Monday, 19 April 2010

FOT(other)D - Sleek time

So here’s a FOT(other)D. As you can see it’s all about the eye make up. I wasn’t at home the other week but I still had to take a decent selection of eyeshadows with me. That’s cosmetic addiction for you. So I grabbed a few Sleek palettes so I would have plenty of colours to select from. It was such a simple look but I loved it. Full on spanking blue. When I was young I remember blue eyeshadow being classed as dated and so 80’s. Not only that but being a blue eyed girl I always remember reading that I should stick with browns and shy away from the blue. As a teenager though nothing sounded more boring than brown eyeshadow (how that opinion has changed)! I’ve recently changed my foundation and the application of it but I want to cover that all in another post as I want to give it a good try out. As for the other products I used Barbara Daly’s eyeshadow primer. This is great stuff and super, super cheap! It can also be used as a light concealer but I haven’t used it for this so not sure how well it works. As a primer though I have been using it every day for a few weeks now and loving it. I would certainly repurchase.

All over the lid I used the blue from the Sleek Sunset Palette blended up to through the eye socket. I then used the dark blue from the Sleek Bohemian Palette (one of which can be won in my give away here) pushed into the upper and lower lash lines. I then lined the waterline with my new favourite black pencil liner. Bourjois Khol with built in sharpener. It’s so super black and soft, it's taken over from my love of the Rimmel Jet Black I previously posted about. Then a couple of coats of Max Factor’s Lash Extension mascara. Now this shadow did crease as the hours went on although this doesn’t bother me so much. I tend to take a small soft eye brush with me in my hand bag to rebuff the socket line while I’m out and about. The rest of the make up was left as pale as possible. Tiny bit of blush and bronzer and Boots Natural Collection Apple Blossom lipstick to finish it off.

I’ve also had my hair colour changed (although I hadn‘t styled it in the photo above so you can‘t really see). It was getting really black with the constant dark brown colouring at home, the colour was so flat looking. My hairdresser stripped the black out popped in some toffee, caramel highlights and put a toner over the top. Altogether it’s far warmer now and will slowly get lighter over time. This should mean no more obvious roots! *fingers crossed*

Hope you’ve had a great start to the week. I’m always happier when Monday is over!
E x x x

Friday, 16 April 2010

Rimmel Fail and Win

I don’t have brands that I solidly stick to. I tend to mix and match it. Saying that I haven't bought much from Rimmel in a good long while. I can‘t stand their adverts, the whole “get the London look“ gets my goat. However I don‘t think this is the reason for the avoiding I‘ve been doing (along it can‘t help). I just never seem to see any of their products that spark an interest. Nothing has the WOW factor for me. When their Sexy Curves mascara started getting fantastic reviews across the web I gave it a bash and was so disappointed. It seemed dried out from first opening and as I’ve said before on hear I even bought another in case I had picked up a tube that someone had opened in the store. However nope, still dry and useless on my lashes. Although I know a lot peeps love this mascara it was a fail for me. When I'm on the high street hunt they tend to be the last stop getting a bit of a glance (normally done when food shopping in Asda or Tesco).

Another factor could be that it was the make up that I used as a teenager (heather shimmer anyone?) so other makes appeal more as something "new" and more “adult“ some how. Not that I don’t own anything of theirs but not much by my standard. They do a very cheap black liner pencil in "jet black" which I find super pigmented for such a cheap product, it works great on the water line of the eye and yes has to be retouched but that’s the waterline for you (although it now has a High Street rival but more on that in another post).

They also do a matte white single eyeshadow which I like to use as a highlight colour regularly so I tend to buy that every now and then. I have a 8hr colour mousse eyeshadow in Glitz (number 005) which works ok as a base but other than that I have no product of theirs I love. . . Until now.

I have a thing for red and a pink lipsticks at the moment so when I saw that there was a money off offer on their Colour Show Off lipsticks I had to snap a couple up. "Shocking Pink" couldn't be more like it's name, with an almost matte finish that they call a velvet appeal finish this is so in your face and packed full of colour. I am in love, my one complaint is that it can bleed a little so I got a lipliner to see if this resolves the problem. I went to the hairdressers the first day I tried it out and she said how much she liked it, always a good sign. Now with a colour this bold I keep any eye make up very simple. I tend just to team it with a black winged eyeliner and a bit of pink blush. I heart this so! And at around £5.99 depending on where you buy it not exactly breaking the bank.

The second colour is another type if pink, Pink Gossip, a little softer than the previous but still bright and well pigmented. More of a bubble gum pink where as Shocking Pink has more red in it I would say. This once again I wear with just an eyeliner most if the time but I team it with green instead of black.

I am very impressed with these. So much so that I thought I would try a few more of their items. FAIL! I bought their lipstick lock and what a pile o' poo. Not only does it sting to all buggery when you put it on but it does nothing. Here's proof (see below). My lips just after application and then a couple of hours later after ONE cup of coffee, yep great lot of good
that was. If it had worked better I may have put up with the stinging but to be honest I think I would have given up. J ust not worth the pain especially with no gain. I also grabbed another colour of lippie (nude pink) that wasn’t so much of a fail but it was a frosty pink finish and it just looked too 80’s for me. Really dated some how but on others it may look great. I’ve given it to my mum and she seems to like it so it aint a loss.

I have to say again thank you to all those taking part in my giveaway, which can be found here. Means so much that you guys have taken the time to join in and for all the lovely comments and helpful suggestions too. So happy about it all. I will definitely be doing another in the future for sure.

Hope you are all great and have a fantastic weekend!

E xxx

Monday, 12 April 2010

Little update and a Thanks

Howdy peeps how's tricks?

So I’m back from my little break off the blogging world. Lots of reading on here to catch up on.
I have to say I am over whelmed at the response to my little give away. I am so excited that so many people are taking part. Makes it all the more fun. I’ve finished the hat that will go in along with the make up. I do have to warn you all that it is quite big and slouchy so I hope the winner has a lot of hair to fill this out! I've included a couple of photos of said massive hat but as I didn't want to wear it for hygiene reasons it may not be the best picture. Also the colour is spanking pink and the camera seems to read it as a slightly different shade than it is. Any way, long and short of it is, if the winner doesn't like or wear the hat, tis cool. I'm only just learning this crochet and knitting lark

It was fantastic to have some chill out time over the last week. I'm almost healed from my accident (for those not aware I got knocked down a couple of months ago) and really needed some time out. Walking is so much easier although I tried to kneel down in a shop (to look at lipsticks would you believe) the other week and instantly regretted it! Any way things are getting better.

It was my birthday over my week off too so I treated myself to a few cosmetics - Shocker!!! I'm saving to move soon so this will be my last big spend for a good while. I keep saying that but this really will have to be. I'll probably go over these purchases in a few posts as there were a good few.

Hope things have been great for you guys and thanks again for following and blogging about my give away.

E xxx