Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hey there peeps

Well my first give away on blogger ends tomorrow (midnight GMT) so if you haven't entered here's the final chance. Clink here and see if you get lucky. Forgive me if it takes me a few days to figure out the winner. I'm hoping to have the winner up on the Monday bank holiday here but it all depends on the amount of Internet time I get. Plus I've never used the random org thingy so I need the figure that out. Here's hoping it's user friendly.

I'm so happy that this giveaway has gone down well with you folks. I will definately be planning another in the coming months for my 200 follower mark!

I'm currently trying to crochet something that will hold my lipsticks. I'm sick of them all being piled up in plastic box. Takes forever to rake through them to find the colour I am after and it doesn't look too pretty. So once I have tried to make something, if it is a sucess, I might see if I can make another for this future giveaway. Not only will it be a bit unique (if it works) but personal too.

Also I am about to start (in fact am currently on) a no make up buying ban. I need to save like a demon over the next month. Literally have to watch every single penny. It's not going to be fun but the end result will be worth it. So cosmetic purchases need to cease for while. Let's face it there is nothing I can't live without for a while. I have enough supplies right now!

Once this ban is lifted I already know what I will be running to buy. Illamasqua's liquid metal in Surge. I have the other three metals so surely it's law that I get the forth? I wonder what colour they will come up with next. Tackyblueeyeshadow has shown a great look using this so check it out.

I did purchase a little something last weekend but that is for future blogging.

Hope you are all spiffingly good.

For us UKers I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday. I'm super glad to get an extra day off work.

E x

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  1. It is user friendly xD! It was on the right hand side, when you open the website. And it's easy to use, honest!


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