Monday, 12 April 2010

Little update and a Thanks

Howdy peeps how's tricks?

So I’m back from my little break off the blogging world. Lots of reading on here to catch up on.
I have to say I am over whelmed at the response to my little give away. I am so excited that so many people are taking part. Makes it all the more fun. I’ve finished the hat that will go in along with the make up. I do have to warn you all that it is quite big and slouchy so I hope the winner has a lot of hair to fill this out! I've included a couple of photos of said massive hat but as I didn't want to wear it for hygiene reasons it may not be the best picture. Also the colour is spanking pink and the camera seems to read it as a slightly different shade than it is. Any way, long and short of it is, if the winner doesn't like or wear the hat, tis cool. I'm only just learning this crochet and knitting lark

It was fantastic to have some chill out time over the last week. I'm almost healed from my accident (for those not aware I got knocked down a couple of months ago) and really needed some time out. Walking is so much easier although I tried to kneel down in a shop (to look at lipsticks would you believe) the other week and instantly regretted it! Any way things are getting better.

It was my birthday over my week off too so I treated myself to a few cosmetics - Shocker!!! I'm saving to move soon so this will be my last big spend for a good while. I keep saying that but this really will have to be. I'll probably go over these purchases in a few posts as there were a good few.

Hope things have been great for you guys and thanks again for following and blogging about my give away.

E xxx


  1. this crochet looks fab! love the colour. happy birthday. [belated] x

  2. love the crochet....happy birthday!! :)

  3. Such a gorgeous colour!!Great job:)
    And happy-sweet-as-sugar-birthday :D:D


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