Thursday, 29 April 2010

Magazine freebie shout out

InStyle magazine in the UK is giving away free Nails Inc polishes this month.

A red, pink and browny nude. I grabbed myself two this morning, the pink (Candy - which looks a bit like a pink with a touch of lilac in it) and the browny nude (Mink - which reminds me of chocolate ice cream).
I didn't bother with the red as I have tons of red polish already and I can't wear it at work.

These two beauties are work friendly so I can't wait to try them out (man I miss bright bold colours)

Just thought I would let you guys know if you didn't already.

Gotta love a freebie!



  1. I'm definitely checking em out today!

  2. I've had a few of these before, it's such a great free gift!

    Do you mind me asking what your job is? You've mentioned a few times that you can't wear certain make up. I never wear neutral colours on my nails, don't think I could every day!


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