Thursday, 22 April 2010

Off topic and thanks!

Hey there guys

Quick post that is totally off topic..sorry.

I recently finished my first BIG crochet project and boy is it BIG!!!

I made this shawl. I used a different yarn than the pattern so I knew it was going to be bigger but it's MASSIVE. Loving it though. Gives me the confidence to try more complex projects.
Are any of you out there knitters or crocheters

Also noticed that I am now over 200 when it comes to followers. Wow guys, just wow!

Thank you all so much for joining in and following me. This has put a massive smile on my face.

If you haven't read about my give away get in on the action here. Still time to enter and spread the word.

Hope you are all having a great week! Weekend tomorrow Wooo Hooo!
Will get a MU related post up as soon as I can,



  1. This is super cute! It make the sofa look all cozy! x

  2. :O
    How do you ever manage to finish them ?
    I couldn't even manage to finish a scarf xD!
    Congrats xoxo

  3. Wow i have never crochet anything that big, a lot of scarves and hats though lol- it looks great!


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