Friday, 16 April 2010

Rimmel Fail and Win

I don’t have brands that I solidly stick to. I tend to mix and match it. Saying that I haven't bought much from Rimmel in a good long while. I can‘t stand their adverts, the whole “get the London look“ gets my goat. However I don‘t think this is the reason for the avoiding I‘ve been doing (along it can‘t help). I just never seem to see any of their products that spark an interest. Nothing has the WOW factor for me. When their Sexy Curves mascara started getting fantastic reviews across the web I gave it a bash and was so disappointed. It seemed dried out from first opening and as I’ve said before on hear I even bought another in case I had picked up a tube that someone had opened in the store. However nope, still dry and useless on my lashes. Although I know a lot peeps love this mascara it was a fail for me. When I'm on the high street hunt they tend to be the last stop getting a bit of a glance (normally done when food shopping in Asda or Tesco).

Another factor could be that it was the make up that I used as a teenager (heather shimmer anyone?) so other makes appeal more as something "new" and more “adult“ some how. Not that I don’t own anything of theirs but not much by my standard. They do a very cheap black liner pencil in "jet black" which I find super pigmented for such a cheap product, it works great on the water line of the eye and yes has to be retouched but that’s the waterline for you (although it now has a High Street rival but more on that in another post).

They also do a matte white single eyeshadow which I like to use as a highlight colour regularly so I tend to buy that every now and then. I have a 8hr colour mousse eyeshadow in Glitz (number 005) which works ok as a base but other than that I have no product of theirs I love. . . Until now.

I have a thing for red and a pink lipsticks at the moment so when I saw that there was a money off offer on their Colour Show Off lipsticks I had to snap a couple up. "Shocking Pink" couldn't be more like it's name, with an almost matte finish that they call a velvet appeal finish this is so in your face and packed full of colour. I am in love, my one complaint is that it can bleed a little so I got a lipliner to see if this resolves the problem. I went to the hairdressers the first day I tried it out and she said how much she liked it, always a good sign. Now with a colour this bold I keep any eye make up very simple. I tend just to team it with a black winged eyeliner and a bit of pink blush. I heart this so! And at around £5.99 depending on where you buy it not exactly breaking the bank.

The second colour is another type if pink, Pink Gossip, a little softer than the previous but still bright and well pigmented. More of a bubble gum pink where as Shocking Pink has more red in it I would say. This once again I wear with just an eyeliner most if the time but I team it with green instead of black.

I am very impressed with these. So much so that I thought I would try a few more of their items. FAIL! I bought their lipstick lock and what a pile o' poo. Not only does it sting to all buggery when you put it on but it does nothing. Here's proof (see below). My lips just after application and then a couple of hours later after ONE cup of coffee, yep great lot of good
that was. If it had worked better I may have put up with the stinging but to be honest I think I would have given up. J ust not worth the pain especially with no gain. I also grabbed another colour of lippie (nude pink) that wasn’t so much of a fail but it was a frosty pink finish and it just looked too 80’s for me. Really dated some how but on others it may look great. I’ve given it to my mum and she seems to like it so it aint a loss.

I have to say again thank you to all those taking part in my giveaway, which can be found here. Means so much that you guys have taken the time to join in and for all the lovely comments and helpful suggestions too. So happy about it all. I will definitely be doing another in the future for sure.

Hope you are all great and have a fantastic weekend!

E xxx


  1. Love the lip colours. Whilst I have to agree that Rimmel products are hit and miss (and Kate Moss gets on my last nerve) they are probably still one of my favourite high street brands. I love their moisture renew lipsticks in particular x

  2. I really like the pale Pink Gossip best. I have bright green eyes, so I prefer softer lips and bolder eyeshadows instead to draw more attention upward to them.


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