Thursday, 22 April 2010

Twitter me this

Hey there folks,

I've started a Twitter account for make up and random stuff. Follow me if you like (hopefully I will get to grips with it quickly as I tried once and kinda gave up).

I'm under the name ElizaMUJunkie - also can be found through the email on this page.

I've posted a little link dude in the top right hand corner so hopefully that will work too.

If you are on Twitter let me know so I can follow you too!

E x


  1. i just signed up for twitter account too yesterday! i'm under iceflurrie!

  2. i cant find you :( ur link doesnt work if u go onto my blog i have a link follow me and ill follow you back :D x

  3. I'm there as HelenNiceThings - have sent you a follow request

  4. Hello. I can't find you on Twitter.

    Follow me at and I will follow you back.

    Love your blog btw.



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