Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Quick sorry

Hey guys
Just wanted to post a quick sorry about not having the give away winner announced yet. I'm flat hunting at the moment so it's taking up most of my time. Not getting much Internet/computer fun time. Hopefully I can get some pc one on one at the end of this week but it will be next week at the latest I promise.
Hope you are all well. Can't wait to catch up on all the blog reading I'm missing.


  1. Ah good luck with finding an apartment ! I can't wait until I get to someday do that =D

  2. Oo Hope the flat hunting isnt too stressful. And dont worry, everyone dips in and out, I've just had a break too. I wish I could blog everyday, but I struggle to find time at the moment. Hope you are feeling a bit better now xx

  3. Hope everything is fine with you :)

  4. it's ok... hope you find a home soon ^^

  5. Thanks guys - flat hunting and my job are taking up most of my time. Can't wait to get back to blogging.

    Computergirl - I hope you are doing well sweetie. Been missing you! *hugs*



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