Monday, 17 May 2010

What would you do?

Hey there guys
I'm so sorry I've not been about much. Work is really busy at the moment and I'm flat hunting. By the time I get in and relaxed I just want to watch a bit of telly and then bed. Hopefully it looks like me and Mr E have found a place so here's hoping I can get back to blogging.
I also need your help hence the title of this post. I haven't heard from the winner of my giveaway. In the rules it did state that the winner needed to contact me within a certain amount of days and it's now gone over that. What do I do? I feel bad redrawing but that was the rules. So folks what would you do?
E xxx


  1. Totally pick a new winner. You set the rules straight in the giveaway, so you're in the clear. Glad to hear you're coming back soon!

  2. pick a new winner if you stated that in your rules you've given them enough of a chance xx

  3. Redraw.. there isn't really anything else you can do I guess.. and if it was in the rules it's fair enough. xx

  4. If it's been this long & they haven't contacted you, you should probably redraw another winner. It was part of your rules too so don't feel bad!

    Congrats on finding a place. I'm going to have to move soon too & I'm definitely NOT looking forward to it -_-

  5. Redraw! It's been a fair amount of time.


  6. I have to agree with Angelique- it's been how long now and they haven't contacted you so it's only fair to you and everyone else to redraw. I wouldn't feel bad either- it's your giveaway and you're the one being kind enough to give things away!

    Congrats on finding a place- can't wait to have you back soon!


  7. yes pick new winner! hehe :)

  8. Like the old saying, you snooze you lose. You've been more than fair by giving her extra time, no need to feel bad :)


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